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The fight for control over virtual fossils
Fascinating discussion re: #openaccess and 3d data re: fossils. Lots of relevant points about ownership and scientific collaboration #musetech #digitization
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10 days ago by davidnunez
AI and Machine Learning Invade a New York Art Gallery - The Atlantic
As Andy Warhol famously said, “Art is what you can get away with.”' Indeed. Repeat after me: pattern matching + Markov chains + randomness != intelligence #AI #expensiveoneoffgimmick
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10 days ago by davidnunez
Home - WPGraphQL
Okay. This exists. Changes a couple things for me... #graphql
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13 days ago by davidnunez
Random Item Generator — A Story About Joy and Exploding Kittens
This is exactly how experiential installations are supposed to work. Focus on the joy and fight the temptation to over-engineer a technology approach. (It's a cardboard box, for crying out RFID tags or "Machine Learning" to be found!)
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19 days ago by davidnunez
Rembrandt Comes Back To Life in Innovative New Campaign by J. Walter Thompson | AdStasher
Here's another project that brings a dead artist "back to life" via interpolating patterns, simple graphics techniques, and being ok with imperfection. I think this is an impressive project with the tech, but be careful not to conflate these techniques with movie-portrayals of #AI
19 days ago by davidnunez
MAGFest 2019: VR/AR for Museums
Here's a panel from @MAGFest re: AR/VR in museums. Appreciate the sharing but also a lot of unsubstantiated claims in there. I've been drafting an essay on how AR/VR tends to go horribly wrong or just be incredibly uninteresting in museums (with real research & citations!) Stay tuned. #musetech
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19 days ago by davidnunez
Samsung’s curved 49-inch gaming monitor now comes in QHD resolution - The Verge
On the one hand, this feels like it might be like 6 blades on a razor... on the other hand, yes please, I want one. #geekery
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23 days ago by davidnunez
How museums have been transformed by the digital revolution
"Audiences are seeking to use collections rather than just access them" - @stacker #musetech #access
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24 days ago by davidnunez
Uniform dressing: a guy who wears the same thing every day explains - Vox
"a guy who wears the same thing every day" - I think I admire this and it could be a quirky trademark... but I'm also probably not fashionable enough to pick an acceptable forever outfit. #fashion #simplicity
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24 days ago by davidnunez
Experiments, growth engineering, and exposing company secrets through your API: Part 1 - JonLuca's Blog
This is the kind of thing to keep in mind as we're developing #openaccess API's. I'm pretty convinced no matter how many layers of "security" I put down on top of our access points, if it's online, it's pretty much out in the wild unprotected. This isn't necessarily a bad thing.
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24 days ago by davidnunez
/dev/lawyer The MIT License, Line by Line
THIS: Super helpful line-by-line explainer for the MIT license. #opensource
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25 days ago by davidnunez
Shadows used to peer around corners
Technique to use shadows to reconstruct images around corners.
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25 days ago by davidnunez
Tech-forward museums of the 21st Century | blooloop
“The best use of digital is to not make you aware of the technology, but to make you aware of the art.” #musetech Perspective from attractions professional re: Museums use of technology.
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25 days ago by davidnunez
Art and ARKit – democratizing art and culture with tech - TapSmart
A number of augmented reality #ar experiences built w/ ARKit for museums I've started to formulate a "here's how to sell AR to my museum" set of rules...
Surprise me, basically... and good luck with that. #musetech
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25 days ago by davidnunez
Seeking the Productive Life: Some Details of My Personal Infrastructure—Stephen Wolfram Blog
A stunningly detailed description of the workflows, tools, and processes @stephen_wolfram uses to be productive. Not sure how much applies to me, but I appreciate the documentation and inspires me to document my own so I understand my systems better. #productivityporn
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26 days ago by davidnunez
Robots will be in charge of the design, manufacturing, and construction of the upcoming Seoul Robot Science Museum
Having studied robots in grad school @medialab and helping plan for the new building @mitmuseum I call so much BS on this. Robots will not "be in charge" of design and building this museum. The hyperbole and marketing is completely unnecessary when the reality is probably sci-fi enough. #gimmicks #musetech #robots
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26 days ago by davidnunez
Pröspect: A Bot* that reassembles images from the McCord Museum’s Photography Collection
Some interesting points here re: provenance and references when #openaccess collections get remixed with the new artwork prioritized in search engines. Assuming the artist properly respects copyright restrictions, what are the implications for future archivists?
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26 days ago by davidnunez
Scent of Extinct Maui Mountain Hibiscus Revived by Science
A project with @harvardherbaria to bring back the scent of an extinct hibiscus plant using a sample in its archive. Visual, Audio, and 3D we're starting to figure out. But how does one digitize and preserve smell, touch, taste? #digitization #musetech #archives
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
Artists Covertly Scan Bust of Nefertiti and... - we are Rogue
Last October, 2 artists committed a digital "heist" by covertly 3d scanning and replicating an artifact. I believe in the next 5 years, we'll have super high-res 3d scanners on our cell phones.Trying to wrap my head around the implications of this... #musetech #digitization
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
Two internet entrepreneurs walk into an old publishing house | Dries Buytaert
What's not to love about this? New meets old. Founders of Drupal and Wordpress visiting a printing press.
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
"77% of Gen-Z + Millennials would prefer to attend an event experience over a hang out at home with their friends." There's some heartening stuff in this report. There seems to be a desire for some depth in experientials. i.e. people are starting to see through shallow "instagrammable" moments. #experiential #musesocial
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
Digitized images of works in the public domain: what rights vest in them? Analysis of the recent BGH Reiss-Engelhorn judgment - Part 1
My eyes tend to glaze over at stuff like this (and it's not my job at MIT, thank goodness...), but I think it's probably worth keeping at least cursory tabs on copyright, public domain, and #digitization. (the link refers to German law)
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
The Great Divide in How Americans Commute to Work
Maps showing American commuting habits. In Somerville/Cambridge/Boston, I mostly bus+train to work (where I read and queue up tweets) in 30 minutes or bike in 25. Half hour is at the boundary of what I find acceptable. My prior job involved a weekly 4 hour BOS-NYC roundtrip. #commuting
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
Accounting machines, the IBM 1403, and why printers standardized on 132 columns
An essay on historical and cultural reasons why early printers tended to standardize on 132 columns. Think of all the source code and other artwork whose form was dictated by this constraint. In what ways did that constrain the creative act? #computerhistory #sourcecodepoetry
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
VR Screen Shake - The art of not throwing up — Zulubo Productions
I love to read about #ux nuances that increase the immersion and engagement of users. #virtualreality
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
I have a vision for a toolbox that exhibition designers can use to rapidly and inexpensively prototype digital+physical systems. We're halfway there with a Cinder + XML based experience + content management system we built with @morphogencc. Now we need to make the user tools like this one. #musetech
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
U.S. Navy swapping $38,000 periscope joysticks for $30 Xbox controllers on high-tech submarines
Check out these user interfaces on Navy submarines! They use Xbox controllers since that's what the sailors are used to using! also the flat touch tables #ux #ui
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
Grand Canyon tourists exposed for years to radiation in museum building, safety manager says
Ooft “Grand Canyon tourists exposed for years to radiation in museum building”. Uranium stored in drums in museum collections building makes me think twice about wandering through our warehouse
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
Galleries From A to Z Sued Over Websites the Blind Can’t Use - The New York Times
Really important to track if you're building digital / online experiences #musetech . Bare minimum accessibility is low-hanging fruit. We're working hard on this right now at our museum, but have a ways to go.
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
The official fast food French fry power rankings - Los Angeles Times
I'd advocate McDonald's as the clear winner. And I'm applauding the correct low ranking of the Emperor's New Clothes laughingly refered to as In-N-Out "Burger." Obviously missing Whataburger. Though their fries hold their own I think McD's still edges them out.
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
Books: Bits vs. Atoms
older article re: digital v physical books by @codinghorror In 2019 can any of the problems he had with physical books could also be seen as virtue? (and not just because of a "hipster wants everything to be more difficult" attitude) Books as artifact etc.
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
A Proportional Visualization of the World's Most Popular Languages | Open Culture
Proportional visualization of most popular languages spoken around the world. (23 out of the ~6700 known languages alive in the world today)
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
Fine Wordclocks
In the "interesting display" category, here's an interesting "wordclock"
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
How Do We Conserve and Restore Computer-Based Art in a Changing Technological Environment?
NYU and Guggenheim collaborating on ways to conserve computer-based art #digitalpreservation #musetech
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet
On the effort to digitally preserve the sounds of Stradivarius instruments #digitalpreservation
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
Programming Fonts - Test Drive
super helpful - here's a site to test drive programming fonts! I think font choice is ripe for exploration in performance #programming #livecoding #typography
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
Starring the Computer
I just went down a deep rabbit hole looking at this incredible collection of computers in movies! (via @LathCarlson) I've been doing some side research re: programming as a performative act. We can learn a lot about the expression of "software" through the eyes of filmmakers. #livecoding
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
Headless WordPress: The Ups And Downs Of Creating A Decoupled WordPress
Feels like an afternoon 2-beer project to prototype a #headlesscms using Wordpress to power our in gallery digital labels (vs the nerdy git solution we just deployed) #musetech
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
Television video games controlled by voice callers
I want to make something like this now. In the early 1980’s television stations would broadcast video games that viewers could control by shouting “POW” into their telephones #ux #conversationalinterface
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
Virtual Reality and the Pioneers of Cyberspace
Really nice #longread from a few years back by John Perry Barlow (RIP) capturing some of the personalities and technology experiences that sparked the more recent #virtualreality boom
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
Scholar has helped bring Leonardo and Galileo into the digital age
“I had the impression that using these novel instruments, it was possible to create a new playing field in which we could grow.” #musetech
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
Simulating Weight in VR – B-Reel – Medium
I've got a sketch for an in-gallery project where I want to simulate the heft of an object in someones hand. Here's an approach that relies on sensory cues in a virtual environment.
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
Honeybees Enter Virtual Reality So Scientists Can Study Their Brains | The Scientist Magazine®
I should build a human-sized version of this virutal reality cone to see what it's like to trip out like these bees... oh no... what if I'm already in a #virtualreality cone? #simulationtheory #whatisreal
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
Robot saved, people take the hit - LMU Munich
"under certain circumstances, some people are willing to endanger human lives – out of concern for robots." #robots
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
Freelance Contract Template - Download Free | The Plain Contract
This is a useful template for freelancers: plainspeak contract template.
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
Dreamscape Immersive wants to bring location-based VR to the masses, starting with a shopping mall
Immersive #digitalphysical VR experiences are on the rise. Budgets will most definitely be out of range for most museums, but what lessons can we learn re: storytelling digtial on top of our galleries?
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
How To Design Happiness
Some thoughts on how to design for joyful / happy experiences. #experiencedesign
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
Are we in danger of over-estimating AI? | The Drum
I think it's probably confirmation bias at this point, but I'm seeing these "hype vs. reality" articles lately re: artificial intelligence #ai
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
The Art of the Internet, Restored and Out in the World - The New York Times
I want to go see this show. Super relevant as we think about ways to exhibit "computation"
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
Don’t believe the hype: the media are unwittingly selling us an AI fantasy
More about separating #AI hype from fantasy, being realistic with the state of the art, and understanding the motives of those who control the narrative. (getting this right is top of mind because we will absoulately have a computation / AI story as we launch the new @mitmuseum in Kendall)
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
Data Curation with an Intelligent Data Catalog
I'm convinced that libraries & archives are going to "solve" AI and Machine Learning before museums simply because they have a LOT more metadata and its structured / standardized in a way thats compatible for cross-instituional collaboration #libraries #musetech #metadata
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
Employment | Corning Museum of Glass
Looks like a fun hands-on job making digital+physical #musetech apps. Curious about the tech stack listed as requirements, though.
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
Five Lessons From Seven Years of Research Into Buttons - The Crux
Some notes re: buttons. I'm actually excited to read the entire book. I have questions re: tactile vs. screen buttons. #digitalphysical
5 weeks ago by davidnunez
Time flows. Literally.
I'm doing a bit of research on alternative display technologies and was reminded of this gorgeous project: "Rhei is a prototype of an electro-mechanical clock with a liquid display"
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
The Gray Market: How the Met’s Artificial Intelligence Initiative Masks the Technology’s Larger Threats (and Other Insights)
Mandatory reading for all #musetech people: @the_gray_market provides insgihtful critique of the "parlour trick" approach to digital transformation. Hackathons, marketing stunts, and 1-off gimmicks masquerading as "cutting edge" are distractions from the hard work and complex issues involved w/ innovation.
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
Shake up the gallery: how iPads are changing the way we visit museums
writeup of a few different tablet-based #musetech experience... but the takeway should be: "it’s crucial that apps don’t override the feeling of physically being in a space, stood in front of something special." #physicaldigital
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
“User Experience.” – Digital History Methods
A positive review of Dan Brown's "Communicating Design" from a public history student. I read this years ago and am reminded I should re-read it. A lot of wisdom applicable in digital+physical work but also super relevant given some web work we're trying to motivate now.
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6 weeks ago by davidnunez
The Bleak Reality of the Instagram Experience | The Walrus
A compelling write up of The Happy Place, an experiential pop-up ready made for instagram selfies and manufactured quirkiness. Superficial happiness that comes with a lot of "churn the audience to maximize throughput" rules. What have we become?
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6 weeks ago by davidnunez
List of organisms named after famous people - Wikipedia
I checked for you. There are two: one's a moth and the other is a sea urchin.
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6 weeks ago by davidnunez
The 500-Year-Long Science Experiment - The Atlantic
"In the year 2514, some future scientist will arrive at the University of Edinburgh (assuming the university still exists), open a wooden box (assuming the box has not been lost), and break apart a set of glass vials in order to grow the 500-year-old dried bacteria inside" #longnow
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6 weeks ago by davidnunez
Library to make generative text & language (seems to be designed in the context of procedural world generation in games).
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6 weeks ago by davidnunez
The killing of large species is pushing them towards extinction, study finds | World news | The Guardian
"The killing of large species is pushing them towards extinction"... and also upsetting nature's balance that preserves the habitability of the planet - Humans. We'll be gone soon. I just am in awe of the miracle we were even here at all.
extinction  shared 
6 weeks ago by davidnunez
Flickr has started deleting photos — and massive chunks of internet history
First Tumblr now Flickr - so many cultural digital assets and metadata locked up in centralized corporate repositories that can disappear at the whims of investors. Large chunks of the last couple of decades will vanish in our lifetimes as other social media trends come and go. #digitalpreservation
digitalpreservation  shared 
6 weeks ago by davidnunez
Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Creating a “Real” Virtual Dog
The virtual dog simulation at the Museum of the Dog seems wonderfully overengineered, absurd and fun. I can't wait to go try! (The #musetech in me has lots more implementation questions re: gesture tracking, etc)
experiential  musetech  shared 
6 weeks ago by davidnunez
3D scanning and printing artifacts at the V&A
beautiful video showing 3d scanning process at the V&A. I think this emphasizes why #digitization at museums is not just a matter of sheet feeding documents as fast as possible!
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6 weeks ago by davidnunez
Tapster’s robots are built to poke touchscreens
Now I want to deploy robots to mercilessly abuse all of my interactives... sprinkle in some AI for the robot to try things I hadn't planned for to force my stuff to break! ... oh wait, that's called "visitors on opening day."
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6 weeks ago by davidnunez
Pong's perfect game design
On the design of Pong - "functionality, objectivity and simplicity matter in design, more than anything else"
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6 weeks ago by davidnunez
Inclusive New Emoji Include Prosthetic Arms and Legs
There's a conversation going on @mitmuseum about inclusive design & how a museum as small of ours can improve its practice while not overburdening the team. Any pointers to resources? Social signals, like these emoji, are nice, but what are pragmatic steps we can take now? #musesocial #musetech
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6 weeks ago by davidnunez
Retired equipment lives on in new physics experiments
Our museum has laboratory gear from important historical experiments in its collection. What would it mean for provanance and collections metadata if a piece of equipment jumps from institute to institute leading to multiple discoveries... and at what point does it become a talisman?
museum  collections  shared 
6 weeks ago by davidnunez
Biography of Terry A. Davis - The greatest programmer to ever live.
"Terry’s story is a tragic tale of how mental illness took away the self proclaimed “greatest programmer to ever live” This is the kind of thing I mean when I say we need to archive more metadata about people writing software. Source code is not merely a means to an end - it's as nuanced as poetry.
programming  biography  shared 
6 weeks ago by davidnunez
AR gallery is cool, but it failed me from appreciating the art pieces
This: "felt excited about the first impression but got disappointed right away." It's really important for #musetech people to get more honest critique like this from non-museum experts (especially in UX) vs. congratulating each other for one-off gimmicks. Remember: we're competing for attention with Netflix, polished retail experientials, and Disneyland.
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6 weeks ago by davidnunez
This roomba-sized robot can paint on walls!
this little friend would be a lovely way to make my whiteboard scribbles a little more readable
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6 weeks ago by davidnunez
(12) What is the Pixar Moment? - YouTube
"In every Pixar film, there's that scene - it's the one that brings us to tears, when the lies we tell ourselves melt away." #storytelling
storytelling  shared 
6 weeks ago by davidnunez
Strategies For Headless Projects With Structured Content Management Systems
Wrapping my <ahem> head around this strategy for structured content delivery via API and headless cms. Ex. I like the idea of turning collections databases and DAMS into services that abstract away from their always awful default UIs to let us make our own portals #dams #api #musetech
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6 weeks ago by davidnunez
SYNTHESYS+ launches at the Natural History Museum, integrating natural science collections across Europe
There we go! Here is a good "why" for #openaccess: multiple museums and other institutions collaborating by aggregating data and computing resources to solve real research problems Let's see more cross-organization API stitching! #digitization #musetech
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6 weeks ago by davidnunez
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