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Saint George and the Dragon (Notke)
Saint George and the Dragon (Swedish: Sankt Göran och draken) is a late medieval wooden sculpture depicting the legend of Saint George and the Dragon, located in Storkyrkan in Stockholm, Sweden. It is attributed to Bernt Notke and was commissioned by the Swedish regent Sten Sture the Elder. It was inaugurated in 1489. It has been described as an artistic high point in the artistic production of Bernt Notke.
Stockholm  Sweden  Renaissance  Sculpture  Art  St.  George  Dragon 
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A horrifying and nauseating Swedish sour herring preparation.
Sweden  Food  Recipes  Scandinavia 
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'The grim truth behind the Scandinavian miracle' – the nations respond
2015 Guardian feature: "I make little claim to originality in describing Sweden as quasi-totalitarian, Norway as insular, Finland as taboo-ridden, or the Danes as jingoistic greenwashers. It was interesting to observe the different reactions to my piece. The Finns were pretty cool; the Swedes, pedantic but resigned; the Danes did get a little fighty; the Icelanders were irritated not to have been given more attention; but the Norwegians, boy, they were not happy." "Eisenhower... declared that Sweden followed "socialist philosophy and whose rate of suicide has gone up almost unbelievably. Drunkeness has gone up. Lack of ambition is discernible on all sides." Michael Booth's lament sits firmly within this narrative... More troubling is the enduring commitment to a national welfare state that is de facto limited to citizens and legal residents. In an age of migration and globalisation this brings to the fore a potent conflict between rights of citizens and human rights."
Michael  Booth  Scandanavia  Denmark  Norway  Sweden  Socialism 
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