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Noel Berry on how they embedded Celeste Classic
Noel Berry on Twitter: "@obskyr @lexaloffle @cleverpidgeon Ported the celeste pico-8 LUA code to C# line-by-line. Only took a few hours and was easy to add the pico8 engine methods to ours (spr, map)" / Twitter
video  games  pico8 
19 days ago by ddribin
[PDF] Flower_Fields.pdf - Box
"Flower Fields - Kirby's Epic Yarn"
music  video  games  kirby 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
Gargoyle : Interactive Fiction
"Gargoyle is an IF player that supports all the major interactive fiction formats."
software  games  interactive  fiction 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
GitHub - MitchellSternke/SuperMarioBros-C: An attempt to translate the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES to readable C/C++
"An attempt to translate the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES to readable C/C++.

I've taken the smbdis.asm disassembly of Super Mario Bros. and successfully converted it to C++ using an automated codegen program I wrote (which you can be found in the codegen/ subdirectory of the repo). Right now, it looks very similar to the original disassembly and is fairly dense code, but it works! Check out source/SMB/SMB.cpp if you're curious."
video  games  smb  reverse-engineering 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
GitHub - historicalsource/zork1: Zork I (Microcomputer Version) by Infocom
"The source code was contributed anonymously and represents a snapshot of the Infocom development system at time of shutdown - there is no remaining way to compare it against any official version as of this writing, and so it should be considered canonical, but not necessarily the exact source code arrangement for production."
video  games  history  code 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
NES Emulator Debugging
"This post is not about making an emulator.

It is about the nightmarish, overwhelmingly complex, and at times seemingly hopeless task of hunting down the parts of your emulator that don’t behave exactly like the real hardware."
programming  video  games  emulator  nintendo  nes 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
Super Metroid and A Link to the Past Combo Randomizer
"This randomizer mixes Super Metroid and A Link to the Past together into one experience and will randomize both games items to any location in either game creating a new kind of multi-game challenge. The goal is to kill both Ganon and Mother Brain and then finish either game.

Travel between the two game can be done by using certain doors and entrances in either game, a list of those can be found in the document linked below."
video  games  metroid  zelda 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
GitHub - n64decomp/sm64: A Super Mario 64 decompilation, brought to you by a bunch of clever folks.
"This repo contains a full decompilation of Super Mario 64 (J) and (U). The source and data have been decompiled but complete naming and documentation all of the code and data is still a work in progress. Decompiling the (E) ROM is also an ongoing effort."
video  games  reverse-engineering  nintendo  n64  mario64 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
Dungeon of Numenas by Amegpo
"Dungeon of Numenas is a PICO-8 platformer in which you have been trapped by your nemesis, Numenas. In order to escape, you need to find orbs scattered through the dungeon which grant you special powers, which you will need to defeat Numenas."
video  games  pico8 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
Sudoku Puzzle solving strategies
"There are only a few strategies that you need to know in order to solve Sudoku puzzles. Please take a look at our Sudoku introduction page for background on terminology and also our theory page. Sudoku Dragon comes with a range of guides that take you through these strategies step by step. You can share your tips and experiences on our strategy message forum. There follows a summary of the techniques you may find useful up to 'advanced' level."
sudoku  games  strategy  algorithms 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
Sheepolution - How to LÖVE - Chapter 13 - Detecting collision
"It works! Now you know how to detect collision between two rectangles."
programming  video  games  love2d  lua 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
[PDF] DOOM 3 BFG Technical Note
"This technical note describes some of the performance issues encountered during the development of DOOM 3 BFG."
programming  video  games  doom 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
Tutorial series for simulating NES Graphics – BIT INK STUDIOS
"On my twitter page (follow me if you haven’t yet!) I’ve been creating a few very quick tutorials to help people understand what NES graphics mean. I see a lot of people doing pixel art and just calling it “8-bit” or “NES style”, but a lot of the time it misses the target by a fair margin. Hopefully these will help clarify why. You can click on any image to see the original tweet."
graphics  nintendo  nes  video  games  design 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
GitHub - Tjakka5/Concord: A feature-complete ECS library
"Concord is a feature complete ECS for LÖVE. It's main focus is performance and ease of use. With Concord it is possibile to easily write fast and clean code."
programming  video  games  ecs  lua  love2d 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
Clone Hero
Guitar Hero clone. "Clone Hero is a free rhythm game, which can be played with any 5 or 6 button guitar controller, game controllers, or just your standard computer keyboard. Download the game, copy your song charts into the song folder and enjoy hours of fun!"
video  games  music 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
CAPCOM | Platinum Titles
"In the home video game market, sales of more than one million units is the generally accepted standard for a major hit. Since Capcom's inception, we have created many of these titles, including Street Fighter and Resident Evil. With approximately 90 titles that have sold more than one million units, Capcom stands alone in the video game industry. This page lists these hit titles by sales volume, and includes box art, video, screenshots and other information about these games."
video  games  history  marketing  megaman 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
Games Console -
"A fun and popular coming-of-age project for microcontrollers is to make a game that plays on an oscilloscope. Partly because I couldn't decide which game to make, and partly because I wanted to make something special, I decided to build a games console, with a handful of different games on little cartridges. I built the prototype and wrote all of the games in 2014 over a period of about two months. At some point in 2015 I went back and built the neat little enclosure for it."
video  games  diy  electronics 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
Sega-16 – Sega Legends: Michael Jackson and Sonic 3
"Among the many myths and urban legends surrounding gaming, few are as notorious as those which surround the soundtrack to Sonic The Hedgehog 3. Rumors have abounded for years that Michael Jackson (yes, that Michael Jackson) was contracted by Sega to compose the music for the third installment of Sega’s flagship series. The extent of his involvement – if he was even involved at all – has been a bone of contention with Sonic fans for well over a decade now, and there is now much evidence that suggests he was actually working on… something."
video  games  sega  genesis  music 
12 weeks ago by ddribin
2D Tilemap Collision
"Most existing tutorials focus on advanced problems, but it seems useful to put down some of what I've learnt about the basics. Hopefully it might make starting out a little less bewildering."
programming  video  games  2d  retro  platformer  collision 
january 2020 by ddribin
PICO-8: Checking for Overlap by MBoffin
"Notes: This method of checking for overlap actually checks to see if the two boxes are not overlapping. The example above is simplified into using x1,y1 and x2,y2 of each box. But in practice, you would usually just have an x,y and a w,h (width and height) to work with. In that case, x1,y1 would the same as x,y and x2,y2 would be x+w,y+h."
programming  video  games  pico8 
december 2019 by ddribin
RESOURCES FOR PICO-8 BEGINNERS! - Toy Box Jam 2019 community -
"Welcome to the Pico-8! This is for beginners to find resources about making games in Pico-8. It will not contain EVERY resource, but only the ones that beginners need to get going."
programming  video  games  pico8 
november 2019 by ddribin
Fantasy Console Wars: A Guide to The Biggest Players in Retrogaming’s Newest Trend
"The fantasy console scene is still in its infancy. Nonetheless, exciting new things are happening everyday. With the stripped down, easy-to-use tools and the communities springing up around them, fantasy consoles fulfill more than just a longing for an imagined past — they turn the fantasy of making and sharing one’s own games among a creative, enthusiastic community into a reality for even the most novice game developer."
programming  video  games  pico8 
october 2019 by ddribin
Picade – Pimoroni Store
"Picade is a Raspberry Pi-powered mini arcade that you build yourself, with authentic arcade controls, a high resolution 4:3 display that's ideal for retro gaming, and a punchy speaker to hear those 8-bit game soundtracks at their best."
video  games  arcade  raspberry-pi 
october 2019 by ddribin
HOWTO: PICO-8, RetroPie, and Emulation Station
"I just got a Pimoroni Picade, an arcade mini-cabinet for use with small board computers like the Raspberry Pi. It's a great match for PICO-8!"
pico8  raspberry-pi  retro  video  games 
october 2019 by ddribin
Input and events in an Entity Component System : gamedev
"So I am working on a simple 2D tile based rpg in Libgdx using their provided ECS Ashley. My question is more generally about how I should handle user input and 'events.'"
programming  video  games  ecs 
october 2019 by ddribin
Implementing Component-Entity-Systems - General and Gameplay Programming -
"The purpose of this article is to show how to implement the architecture that I described in an efficient way, and to provide solutions for some sample problems. All the code samples that I provide will be written in C."
programming  video  games  design  patterns  ecs 
september 2019 by ddribin
Understanding Component-Entity-Systems - General and Gameplay Programming -
"To wrap up, OOP-based entity hierarchies need to be left behind in favour of Component-Entity-Systems. Entities are your game objects, which are implicitly defined by a collection of components. These components are pure data and are operated on in functional groups by the systems. I hope I've managed to help you to understand how Component-Entity-Systems work, and to convince you that they are better than traditional OOP. If you have any questions about the article, I'd appreciate a comment or message. A follow-up article has been posted, which provides a sample C implementation and solves some design problems. Implementing Component-Entity-Systems"
programming  video  games  design  pattern  ecs 
september 2019 by ddribin
PICO-8 Advent
"Everyday during the month of December 2018, you can play a new game created by a great PICO-8 dev!"
video  games  pico8 
september 2019 by ddribin
gamaral – Software Engineer - PICOPi
"Boots directly to the ‘splorer’ or directly to a console (when not in stand-alone cartridge mode)."
programming  video  games  pico8  raspberry-pi 
september 2019 by ddribin
PICO-8 - Packages - Package Control
"PICO-8 plugin for the Sublime Text 3 editor."
programming  games  pico8 
july 2019 by ddribin
King's Quest: Quest for the Crown - King's Quest - King's Quest I - King's Quest 1: Quest for the Crown - Review - Adventure Classic Gaming - ACG - Adventure Games, Interactive Fiction Games - Reviews, Interviews, Features, Previews, Cheats, Galleries, Fo
"Without a doubt, King's Quest: Quest for the Crown is one of the best adventure games ever created. Every element in this game is a breakthrough for its time. It is here that gamers are introduced to the notion of a graphic adventure, a third person mode of play, and a new method of character control on screen. The graphics may be old-fashioned compared to today's titles, but if you want to experience the origin of the graphic adventure genre, then you owe yourself an obligation to try out this title. I think every devoted adventure fan should experience the joy of playing this game, since it is this game that heralds the next golden age of adventure gaming."
video  games  review 
july 2019 by ddribin
GB Studio
"A free and easy to use retro adventure game creator for your favourite handheld video game system."

A GameBoy IDE Of sorts.
programming  video  games  nintendo  gameboy 
may 2019 by ddribin
Implementing a NES Emulator in Rust
"Recently, I made an emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment Console(NES) - a game console first released in 1983.

In this article, I’ll talk about how I used Rust to develop the emulator."
video  games  emulator  nintendo  nes  rust 
may 2019 by ddribin
"Ever wanted to be an old-school game programmer?
Learn how classic game hardware worked.
Write code and see it run instantly."
programming  video  games  retro  atari  2600 
may 2019 by ddribin
TIC-80 tiny computer
"TIC-80 is a fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games." Similar in concept to PICO-8, but open source.
programming  video  games  retro  oss  pico8 
may 2019 by ddribin
Inside the mania and appeal of the best boxing video game ever
"Approaching the 30-year anniversary of its release, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! remains the undisputed champion of boxing video games. As the genre’s best-selling title of all time, it sold more than 3 million copies, making it one of the 20 most popular games in the history of the industry-changing console. The iconic game was as beloved by critics as players. Nintendo Power magazine ranked it the sixth-greatest NES game ever."
video  games  nintendo  nes 
may 2019 by ddribin
Shiru's Stuff
Some nice NES utilities.
software  video  games  nintendo  nes 
march 2019 by ddribin
[MCPE-41851] Minecraft v1.9.0 crashes on iPad running 12.1.4 - Jira
We had this problem, and moving the XBLStoage file fixed it.
video  games  minecraft 
march 2019 by ddribin - History of the Backwards Long Jump
"The first known mention of the backwards long jump was in the November 2000 issue of Club Nintendo, the official Nintendo magazine in Mexico and Latin America, which described how to use the backwards long jump to get to the top of the endless stairs with 50 stars. The first known mention on the Internet was by gera2000 on March 16, 2003, when he posted the trick (along with a video) on the GameFAQs Super Mario 64 board, where it was discovered you could use the backwards long jump to get through the 50 star door as well."
video  games  speedrun  nintendo  n64  mario64  history 
february 2019 by ddribin
GameFAQs: Super Mario 64: Beating the game with 50 stars
"Today my friend showed me a glitch to beat the game without needing to get 70 stars"
video  games  nintendo  n64  mario64  speedrun 
february 2019 by ddribin
Tiled Map Editor | A flexible level editor
"Tiled is a 2D level editor that helps you develop the content of your game. Its primary feature is to edit tile maps of various forms, but it also supports free image placement as well as powerful ways to annotate your level with extra information used by the game. Tiled focuses on general flexibility while trying to stay intuitive."
programming  video  games  tools  maps 
february 2019 by ddribin
Tiled Map Editor Tutorial Series
"Tiled is a popular open source map editor for creating 2D maps using tiled graphics.  I have used Tiled in several previous tutorials and no doubt will be using Tiled in several future series, so instead of covering it partially over and over again, I decided to do a Tiled video tutorial series that I will simply link to."
programming  video  games  maps 
february 2019 by ddribin
"How to (make games with) LÖVE"
programming  video  games  love2d 
february 2019 by ddribin
love2d-community/awesome-love2d: A curated list of amazingly awesome LÖVE libraries, resources and shiny things.
"A categorized community-driven collection of high-quality, awesome LÖVE libraries, projects, and resources."
programming  video  games  love2d 
february 2019 by ddribin
LÖVE - Free 2D Game Engine
"Hi there! LÖVE is an *awesome* framework you can use to make 2D games in Lua. It's free, open-source, and works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS."
programming  video  games  lua  love2d 
february 2019 by ddribin
pico-8/awesome-PICO-8: A curated list of awesome PICO-8 resources, carts, tools and more
"A curated list of PICO-8 resources, tutorials, tools and more. Inspired by the awesome list thing. You might also like awesome-lua and awesome-love2d."
programming  video  games  pico8 
february 2019 by ddribin
Sharing Music between PICO-8 Carts | Robby Duguay | Video Game Music in Toronto
"I’ve written an album, “9 Songs for PICO-8” with the intention that other people can use the songs in their PICO-8 games. They’re in a bunch of different styles, but nothing far from what you’ve heard before. That being said, it’s not as easy as just taking an audio file and dropping it into your own project. Let’s have a look at how to take a song from one cart and put it in another!"
programming  video  games  music  audio  pico8 
february 2019 by ddribin
Celeste Classic for the PICO-8.
video  games  pico8 
february 2019 by ddribin
lomot/minecraft-bedrock - Docker Hub
"a bedrock minecraft PE Server on docker"
video  games  minecraft  docker 
february 2019 by ddribin
Anoop Ranganath on Twitter
"I've played Fortnite with my friends' kids before, but last night I played with my friend's 12yo son and _his_ friends and my mind is still spinning."
video  games  fortnite 
january 2019 by ddribin
Review: The Messenger
"The Messenger pulls from the legacy of Ninja Gaiden as well as the classic metroidvanias of Nintendo's golden age, and it's one of the best experiences I've had on my Switch to date."
video  games  review  nintendo  switch 
january 2019 by ddribin
A Breakout Story – The History of How We Play
"The legend of Breakout is an oft told story. [...] But when did it happen?"
video  games  history  atari  apple 
january 2019 by ddribin
Engineering CSYNC - Part 1: Setting the Stage — HD Retrovision
"Instead of drawing 262.5 lines in between each VSYNC edge to achieve interlacing, the idea is to have an integer number of lines which is needed for progressive scanning (the ‘p’ in 240p). There are two main ways of accomplishing this. Game consoles, retro computers, and various other devices are known to implement either one of these two types. You can either get rid of a half-line resulting in 262 lines, or add an additional half-line bumping you up to 263 lines."
video  games  hardware  240p  specification  sync 
january 2019 by ddribin
"NES maker is software for PC that allows users to create brand new, hardware playable, cartridge based games for the Nintendo Entertainment System in a modern development environment. These games will play on any hardware based system that can play NES games, and on any NES emulator that supports mapper 30. To see how it all got started, watch "The New 8-bit Heroes," available on Amazon and Vimeo."
programming  video  games  nintendo  nes 
january 2019 by ddribin
NESmaker - Make NES Games
"NES maker is software for PC that allows users to create brand new, hardware playable, cartridge based games for the Nintendo Entertainment System in a modern development environment. These games will play on any hardware based system that can play NES games, and on any NES emulator that supports mapper 30. To see how it all got started, watch "The New 8-bit Heroes," available on Amazon and Vimeo."
video  games  nintendo  nes  programming 
january 2019 by ddribin
Snes Central: Little Magic
"Little Magic was released in Japan by Altron. This game is a simple puzzle game where you must move a magic stone to a goal in order to open up the exit door. A prototype of the English version of the game, intended for release in Europe was purchased by Digital Press user "MattyXB" in 2005. He bought it off a seller in Switzerland. MattyXB dumped and released the game, while d4s edited the ROM image so that it was in a proper ROM format. Before the prototype was found, Aeon Genesis released an English translation patch of the Japanese game."
video  games  nintendo  snes  history 
january 2019 by ddribin
Can I transfer a save from pc to a memory card? : ps2
"There are multiple save transfer devices for PS2, and they each have their own file format. Code Breaker uses CBS files. Action Replay uses MAX saves. GameShark also has a file format, as does the EMS memory card reader. uLaunchELF uses raw files in a folder because it uses the files the PS2 sees."
video  games  playstation 
january 2019 by ddribin
[Video] GCHD Review - A must-own for GameCube owners?! 480i vs 480p Comparisons! | Gamers Xtreme - YouTube
"Today we look extensively through the GCHD device created by EON Gaming. This device promises to provide a 480p output with zero-lag controller inputs. We put this through tests showcasing a variety of GameCube titles in 480i vs 480p, as well as showing the Game Boy Player in 480p. Does this $150 device live up to its promises? Let's find out!"
video  games  nintendo  gamecube  hdmi 
january 2019 by ddribin
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