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Re: What Can Men Do? « Jacob Kaplan-Moss
"All in all, Jeff does a great job demonstrating what men should never do but a rather poor job showing what we should. We should be listening to what women and other marginalized people have said and written, even when it’s uncomfortable for us. We should be boosting their signal, instead of our egos. That’s how we make things better."
sexism  misogyny  advice 
july 2018 by ddribin
Misogynist conversations women have all the time | Penelope Trunk Careers
"Maybe you have not said all of these phrases, but you have said one of these, and you need to own up to it. Because all the #metoos of the world are not going to change things without you taking personal responsibility for the ways you put down other women."
misogyny  sexism  advice 
july 2018 by ddribin
How The Big Bang Theory Reinforces Misogyny | The Mary Sue
"This video from Pop Culture Detective looks at how The Big Bang Theory reinforces misogyny with its joke construction, character arcs, and dialogue. The video’s creator and narrator, Jonathan McIntosh, argues that The Big Bang Theory‘s four male protagonists are the “perfect embodiment” of a trope he calls “the adorkable misogynist.”"
sexism  tv  movies  misogyny 
november 2017 by ddribin
Barbie F*cks It Up Again
"Helen Jane and I were so livid after reading this book we spent the first fifteen minutes spitting out syllables and half-sounds. We'd go from outraged to defeated to livid in the span of ten seconds."
sexism  misogyny 
november 2014 by ddribin
Public Shaming - Full-Time Sexist, Misogynistic, Libertarian Jerk Has Side Gig as Business Insider CTO
"Pax Dickinson: CTO of Businesser[sic] Insider, tech bro, and proof that libertarianism is a scourge."
sexism  misogyny 
september 2013 by ddribin

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