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GitHub - MitchellSternke/SuperMarioBros-C: An attempt to translate the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES to readable C/C++
"An attempt to translate the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES to readable C/C++.

I've taken the smbdis.asm disassembly of Super Mario Bros. and successfully converted it to C++ using an automated codegen program I wrote (which you can be found in the codegen/ subdirectory of the repo). Right now, it looks very similar to the original disassembly and is fairly dense code, but it works! Check out source/SMB/SMB.cpp if you're curious."
video  games  smb  reverse-engineering 
10 weeks ago by ddribin
GitHub - n64decomp/sm64: A Super Mario 64 decompilation, brought to you by a bunch of clever folks.
"This repo contains a full decompilation of Super Mario 64 (J) and (U). The source and data have been decompiled but complete naming and documentation all of the code and data is still a work in progress. Decompiling the (E) ROM is also an ongoing effort."
video  games  reverse-engineering  nintendo  n64  mario64 
11 weeks ago by ddribin
Understanding Apple’s binary property list format - Christos Karaiskos - Medium
"In this blog post, we will take a look at the internal structure of binary plists."
programming  plist  reverse-engineering 
october 2019 by ddribin
Unravelling Konami's Arcade DRM
"I’ll be focusing on two things for this adventure - my process in reversing the encryption, because by sharing my methods I may help others. Secondly, high level details of Konami’s dongle-based encryption, because it’s rare to find proper information on actual, in-the-wild implementations of USB dongle based security."
video  games  arcade  retro  drm  reverse-engineering 
december 2017 by ddribin
GitHub - camthesaxman/zeldasource: Disassembly of Legend of Zelda
"This is a work in progress disassembly of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System."
video  games  retro  reverse-engineering  programming  nintendo  nes  zelda 
september 2017 by ddribin
Exposing NSDictionary - Bartosz Ciechanowski
"NSDictionary doesn’t make any promise of its internal implementation. It would make little sense for a dictionary to store its data in a completely random fashion. However, this assumption doesn’t answer the key question: does NSDictionary make use of a hash table? This is what I’ve decided to investigate."
programming  cocoa  datastructures  hash  hacks  reverse-engineering 
august 2015 by ddribin
Exposing NSMutableArray - Bartosz Ciechanowski
"This is fantastic news! It means that __NSArrayM can be processed from either side. You can use __NSArrayM as either stack or queue without any performance hits."
programming  objc  cocoa  dates  reverse-engineering 
august 2015 by ddribin
"If a very skilled player manages to reach 990,000 points in the 1980 video game, Defender, the game begins to award extra ships and smart bombs at an incredible rate.  This occurs due to a bug in the algorithm that awards extra lives and smart bombs.  Here we will dissect the algorithm to explain why this behavior occurs."
programming  reverse-engineering  hacks  retro  video  games 
january 2015 by ddribin
"Recently I received a request from a visitor to this web site to look into the so-called "blue maze bug" that affects Ms. Pac-Man.  It is well known that if a credit is inserted at the very beginning of the attract mode, before the red ghost appears under the marquee, the first maze of the game will be colored blue instead of the normal maze color."
programming  hacks  retro  video  games  pacman  reverse-engineering 
january 2015 by ddribin
Ken Shirriff's blog: Down to the silicon: how the Z80's registers are implemented
"This article explains the details of the Z80's register structure: its architecture, how it works, and exactly how it is implemented, based on my reverse-engineering of the chip."
computer  cpu  hardware  z80  reverse-engineering 
october 2014 by ddribin
An Anti-Reverse Engineering Guide - CodeProject®
"In this article, I plan to travel a bit deeper into the interesting world of reverse engineering and explore some more intermediate level techniques for annoying reverse engineers. Some comments in my previous article noted that the techniques I presented could, and are most of the time, easily bypassed by intermediate level reversers"
programming  reverse-engineering  hacks 
march 2012 by ddribin
byuu's homepage
"It took multiple years, lots of money, and the help of a vast number of individuals; but we've finally pulled it off: every SNES DSP program has now been extracted and emulated fully."
hardware  hacks  emulator  nintendo  snes  reverse-engineering 
march 2012 by ddribin
macdependency - Shows dependent libraries and frameworks of Mach-O files on Mac OS X - Google Project Hosting
"MacDependency shows all dependent libraries and frameworks of a given executable, dynamic library or framework on Mac OS X. It is a GUI replacement for the otool command, and provides almost the same functionality as the Dependency Walker ( on Windows."
software  osx  debugging  reverse-engineering  linker 
june 2011 by ddribin
How to crack a Pacman Plus!
"They really didn't want people to get into this thing. It's encased in a sheet of plexiglass filled with epoxy-potting compound. One way or another I needed in there to decrypt the ROMs to help with a MAME emulation of the hardware..."
reverse-engineering  arcade  games  pacman  emulator 
january 2011 by ddribin
Toad Houses Disassembled - Programming stuff
"What item you receive is determined only after you open a box. So, in fact only the box you open is filled. The other two boxes are never touched. They are total smoke screens whose only purpose is to fool the player into believing he actually takes part in the decision what item to receive."
nintendo  nes  hacks  reverse-engineering  6502 
january 2011 by ddribin
Synalyze It! Reverse Engineering and Binary File Analysis made easy
"Imagine ... you got a binary file and don't know its contents. Or some software creates binary files where you have a specification but don't want to decode them manually. Synalyze It! allows you to create a grammar for binary files interactively. Unlike in regular hex editors or viewers the files are interpreted automatically for you!"
osx  software  tools  hex-editor  reverse-engineering 
january 2011 by ddribin
Reverse engineering Apple's OS X • The Register
"A number of folks have asked me what tools and techniques I use to reverse engineer Cocoa executables. I thought it would be worth taking some time out from documenting undocumented APIs to show you how easy it is to do the same thing for yourself."
programming  osx  tools  objc  reverse-engineering  hacks 
march 2009 by ddribin

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