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Special Attention - A history of Special Branch - Hindsight - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
This program delves in the murky world of the Special Branch units in Victoria and QLD, and includes a view from inside QLD Special Branch, in an interview with a former officer, as well as an agent who procured intelligence for the unit. And several of the thousands of people around the country who'd been spied on by Special Branch tell their side of the story.
politics  police  Australia  activism  social_justice  socialism  environment 
march 2019 by deejbah
Resources for decentralised organising
Examples of decentralised organisations that have a public, transparent, well-documented handbook that explains how they work (e.g. decision making, roles, communications tools, etc).
decentralisation  Organization  politics  anarchism  libertarian_socialism  socialism  equality 
january 2019 by deejbah

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