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gRPC is a modern open source high performance RPC framework that can run in any environment. It can efficiently connect services in and across data centers with pluggable support for load balancing, tracing, health checking and authentication. It is also applicable in last mile of distributed computing to connect devices, mobile applications and browsers to backend services.
grpc  framework  softwareengineering  protocol  networking  cncf  rpc 
5 weeks ago by devnulled
The Update Framework : A framework for securing software update systems
deployment  opensource  security  tools  devops  software  update  framework 
5 weeks ago by devnulled
Electron | Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
If you can build a website, you can build a desktop app. Electron is a framework for creating native applications with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It takes care of the hard parts so you can focus on the core of your application.
development  javascript  framework  electron  desktop  programming  css  html  js  apps 
august 2018 by devnulled
Shiny is an R package that makes it easy to build interactive web apps straight from R. You can host standalone apps on a webpage or embed them in R Markdown documents or build dashboards. You can also extend your Shiny apps with CSS themes, htmlwidgets, and JavaScript actions.
datascience  webdev  framework  R  data  gui  web  shiny  visualization  statistics 
march 2018 by devnulled
Twirp: a sweet new RPC framework for Go – Twitch Blog
Today Twitch is releasing Twirp, an RPC framework we use for communication between backend servers written in Go, and it’s available now under an Apache 2 open source license.
server  framework  article  golang  rpc  important  communication  protobuf  twirp  go 
january 2018 by devnulled
Kubeless is a Kubernetes-native serverless framework that lets you deploy small bits of code (functions) without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. It is designed to be deployed on top of a Kubernetes cluster and take advantage of all the great Kubernetes primitives. If you are looking for an open source serverless solution that clones what you can find on AWS Lambda, Azure functions, and Google cloud functions, Kubeless is for you!
framework  lambda  serverless  cloud  kubernetes  container  function-as-a-service  faas  aws  opensource 
december 2017 by devnulled
Crypton - a Zero Knowledge application framework
Crypton is a framework for building cryptographically secure cloud applications
secure  cloud  framework  privacy  api  encryption  security 
february 2013 by devnulled
A high-productivity web framework for the Go language, modeled on Play! Framework
web  framework  programming  go  play 
september 2012 by devnulled
A lightweight Web 3.0 framework for Scala, featuring a purely asynchronous architecture, extremely high-performance, massive scalability, high usability, and a functional, composable design.
framework  github  restful  scala  web 
march 2012 by devnulled
milohuang/reverie - GitHub
Reverie is a versatile HTML5 responsive WordPress framework based on ZURB's Foundation.
css3  framework  theme  wordpress 
february 2012 by devnulled
purplefox/vert.x - GitHub
vert.x - The next generation polyglot asynchronous application framework
java  polygot  asynchronous  framework  jvm 
november 2011 by devnulled
ngocdaothanh/xitrum - GitHub
Async and clustered Scala web framework and web server on top of Netty and Hazelcast
scala  framework  rest  web 
september 2011 by devnulled
zepto.js — the aerogel-weight mobile javascript framework
The goal: a 2-5k library that handles most basic drudge work with a nice API so you can concentrate on getting stuff done.
framework  iphone  javascript  jquery  mobile 
july 2011 by devnulled
impala - Simple, dynamic modularity for Spring-based applications - Google Project Hosting
Impala is a dynamic modular productivity framework for Java-based web applications, based on the Spring Framework. With a focus on simplicity, Impala radically transforms application development using Spring and all the usual related technologies.

With it's powerful dynamic reloading capability, Impala dramatically reduces build/deploy/test cycles, allowing you to spend more time coding and less time waiting for your application to reload.

Unlike other Spring modularity projects, Impala does not depend on any third party runtime environments. Instead, it offers offers a simple, powerful and cohesive environment for truly modular application development and deployment that just works out of the box.
dynamic  framework  java  spring 
june 2011 by devnulled
Apache Shiro | Java Security Framework
Apache Shiro is a powerful and easy-to-use Java security framework that performs authentication, authorization, cryptography, and session management. With Shiro’s easy-to-understand API, you can quickly and easily secure any application – from the smallest mobile applications to the largest web and enterprise applications.
java  security  apache  authentication  framework 
april 2011 by devnulled
OVal - the object validation framework for Java™ 5 or later -
OVal is a pragmatic and extensible validation framework for any kind of Java objects (not only JavaBeans).
annotations  framework  java  validation  jpa 
april 2011 by devnulled
jsonrpc4j - Project Hosting on Google Code
This project aims to provide the facility to easily implement JSON-RPC for the java programming language. jsonrpc4j uses the Jackson library to convert java objects to and from json objects (and other things related to JSON-RPC). jsonrpc4j contains a JSON-RPC server that is stream capable as well as a JSON-RPC client that is also stream capable. There is also an HTTP client, spring service provider and spring service consumer.
json  java  framework  javascript 
february 2011 by devnulled
Pinax is an open-source platform built on the Django Web Framework.

By integrating numerous reusable Django apps and providing starter projects and infrastructure tools, Pinax takes care of the things that many sites have in common so you can focus on what makes your site different.

Pinax has been used for everything from social networks to conference websites, and from intranets to online games.
django  framework  python  webdev 
february 2011 by devnulled
Jakarta Cactus - Jakarta Cactus
Cactus is a simple test framework for unit testing server-side java code (Servlets, EJBs, Tag Libs, Filters, ...).

The intent of Cactus is to lower the cost of writing tests for server-side code. It uses JUnit and extends it.

Cactus implements an in-container strategy, meaning that tests are executed inside the container.
agile  development  integration  j2ee  java  jsp  junit  server  programming  opensource  servlets  software  tdd  test  testing  tool  xp  unittest  unit  tools  framework  frameworks  ejb  apache  automation  ant 
november 2010 by devnulled
gwt-mobile-webkit - Project Hosting on Google Code
This library contains GWT API's addressing the new HTML5 features which are supported by Mobile WebKit.
html5  offline  appengine  ajax  android  framework  geo  library  javascript  gwt  googlecode  google  geolocation  cache  code  iphone  java  mobile  opensource  storage  web  webdev  webkit  work 
november 2010 by devnulled
ASIHTTPRequest Documentation - All-Seeing Interactive
ASIHTTPRequest is an easy to use wrapper around the CFNetwork API that makes some of the more tedious aspects of communicating with web servers easier. It is written in Objective-C and works in both Mac OS X and iPhone applications.
api  cocoa  code  dev  documentation  development  apple  download  framework  iphone  macosx  http  mac  library  lib  iphonedev  network  objectivec  programming  rest  sdk  xml  osx  opensource  networking  objc  objective-c 
september 2010 by devnulled
Play framework ★ Home
Finally a Java framework made by Web developers. Discover a clean alternative to bloated enterprise Java stacks. Play focuses on developer productivity and targets RESTful architectures.
mvc  play  playframework  programmation  rad  web-framework  java  agile  development  framework 
march 2010 by devnulled
easyb makes it easy, man
easyb is a behavior driven development framework for the Java platform. By using a specification based Domain Specific Language, easyb aims to enable executable, yet readable documentation.
java  tools  programming  software  development  design  agile  testing  tool  framework  tdd  story  qa  opensource  library  unittesting 
december 2009 by devnulled
jtracert - Project Hosting on Google Code
Automatically generate sequence UML diagrams directly from your java code runtime. Understanding java code tool
sequence  jtracert  googlecode  java  tools  programming  opensource  code  framework 
september 2009 by devnulled
JAMon - Documentation
The Java Application Monitor (JAMon) is a free, simple, high performance, thread safe, Java API that allows developers to easily monitor production applications.
jamon  java  performance  api  programming  tuning  management  open-source  monitoring  logging  application  profiler  monitor  software  framework  opensource 
december 2008 by devnulled
Groovy - Griffon
A framework for swing based apps implemented in Groovy
griffon  java  development  opensource  grails  groovy  swing  download  code  framework 
september 2008 by devnulled
django-evolution - Google Code
Django Evolution is an extension to Django that allows you to track changes in your models over time, and to update the database to reflect those changes.
evolution  migration  migrations  models  model  django-apps  django-evolution  django  python  orm  framework  tools  opensource  programming  development  software 
september 2008 by devnulled
gxp - Google Code
GXP is a templating system used to generate XML/SGML markup (most often HTML).
java  google  library  template  web  opensource  templates  html  web2.0  framework  development  programming  software 
july 2008 by devnulled
Protocol Buffers - Google Code
Protocol buffers are Google's language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data – think XML, but smaller, faster, and simpler. You define how you want your data to be structured once, then you can use special gener
google  opensource  data  XML  framework  programming  code  library 
july 2008 by devnulled
Click Framework
Click Framework is a modern JEE web application framework, providing a natural rich client style programming model. Click is designed to be very easy to learn and use, with developers getting up and running within a day.


* Very easy t
java  framework  web  j2ee  opensource  click  programming  cool  development  webdevelopment 
june 2008 by devnulled
Restlet - Lightweight REST framework for Java
Do you want to embrace the architecture of the Web and benefit from its simplicity and scalability? Leverage our innovative REST engine and start blending your Web Sites and Web Services into uniform Web Applications!
rest  java  framework  webservices  web  programming  architecture  tools  webservice  restful  services  dev  atom  restlet  servlet  http  ajax  code  webdev  opensource  development  web2.0 
march 2008 by devnulled
ASM - Bytecode Outline plugin for Eclipse
Bytecode Outline plugin shows disassembled bytecode of current Java editor or class file, allows bytecode compare for Java/class files and shows ASMifier code for current bytecode.
eclipse  java  bytecode  plugin  opensource  programming  framework 
february 2008 by devnulled
Apache CXF - Index
Apache CXF is an open source services framework. CXF helps you build and develop services using frontend programming APIs, like JAX-WS. These services can speak a variety of protocols such as SOAP, XML/HTTP, RESTful HTTP, or CORBA and work over a variety
webservices  java  soap  apache  framework  xfire  spring 
december 2007 by devnulled
Enterprise Java Community: Spring Batch Overview
The Spring Batch architecture is layered in such a way as to provide a great deal of freedom to application architectures to provide batch execution environments to meet their needs.
architecture  development  framework  java  programming  spring  batch  articles 
november 2007 by devnulled
krank - Google Code
Java framework for CRUD and Validation.
java  jsf  crud  spring  framework  opensource  validation 
november 2007 by devnulled
spring-on-rails - Google Code
Spring-On-Rails is a rapid Java Enterprise Application development Framework; It is a far distance cusin of Ruby-on-Rails. Spring-On-Rails is design to help developer to generate basic skelton of database CRUD type applications. Generated application is b
spring  rails  java  springframework  development  google  programming  framework 
october 2007 by devnulled
Home - AppFuse 2 - Confluence
AppFuse is an open source project and application that uses open source tools built on the Java platform to help you develop Web applications quickly and efficiently. It was originally developed to eliminate the ramp-up time found when building new web ap
java  framework  opensource 
june 2007 by devnulled
HP Labs : SmartFrog : Home
SmartFrog is a technology for describing distributed software systems as collections of cooperating components, and then activating and managing them.
java  distributed  software  opensource  sysadmin  development  programming  framework 
may 2007 by devnulled
Wicket - Home
With proper mark-up/logic separation, a POJO data model, and a refreshing lack of XML, Wicket makes developing web-apps in Java simple and enjoyable again. Swap the boilerplate, complex debugging and brittle code for powerful, reusable components written
java  framework  web  wicket  ajax  opensource  programming  development  oss 
may 2007 by devnulled
Welcome to Hadoop!
Hadoop is a framework for running applications on large clusters of commodity hardware. The Hadoop framework transparently provides applications both reliability and data motion. Hadoop implements a computational paradigm named map/reduce, where the appli
distributed  mapreduce  hadoop  search  apache  clustering  code  java  framework  free  scalability  development  programming  filesystem  library  tools 
january 2007 by devnulled

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