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Fight Cyberstalking
Resources for reporting cyberstalking, getting emotional support, staying safe online, and maximizing your online privacy.
socialmedia  sexual-violence  harassment  internet  privacy 
5 weeks ago by dilibrary
A Woman On The Internet
An ongoing Mashable series exploring what it means to be a woman on the internet.
socialmedia  internet  technology  sexual-violence  harassment 
5 weeks ago by dilibrary
Helping Industries to Classify Reports of Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and Sexual Assault | National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)
This report describes the work of a joint project between the NSVRC and the Urban Institute, in which a team of staff from both agencies developed an improved taxonomy (a system of categorization) for reports of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and sexual assault received by Uber Technologies, Inc. (Uber), from users of Uber's ride-sharing and other app-driven services.
vawa  cleryact  sexual-violence 
november 2018 by dilibrary
BetterBrave combats sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in the workplace by empowering targets and allies with the necessary resources and tools.
sexual-violence  vawa  harassment 
july 2018 by dilibrary
Rape and Sexual Assault Among College-age Females, 1995-2013 | Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
This report examines the relationship between the victim and offender, the involvement of a weapon, location of the victimization, reporting to police, perceived offender characteristics, and victim demographics.
sexual-violence  ptsd  highered  mental-health  health 
june 2015 by dilibrary
Sexual Assault of Women by Strangers | Problem Guides | Center for Problem-Oriented Policing
This guide begins by describing the problem of sexual assault of women by strangers and reviewing factors that increase its risks. It then lists a series of questions to help you analyze your local sexual assault problem. Finally, it reviews responses to the problem and what is known about them from evaluative research and police practice.
sexual-violence  ptsd  mental-health 
june 2015 by dilibrary
Acquaintance Rape of College Students | Problem Guides | Center for Problem-Oriented Policing
This guide describes the problem of acquaintance rape of college students, addressing its scope, causes and contributing factors; methods for analyzing it on a particular campus; tested responses; and measures for assessing response effectiveness.
sexual-violence  ptsd  highered  mental-health 
june 2015 by dilibrary
Not Alone : Together Against Sexual Assault
A project of the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault
sexual-violence  ptsd 
june 2015 by dilibrary

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