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The long history of the hand-washing gender gap.
Women were always at the center of hygiene improvement efforts. The public health workers who went to tenements and farms to preach this “gospel of germs” as visiting nurses, social workers, and home economists were often women. And under this new way of thinking, mothers were supposed to be the role models for the entire family—teaching hand-washing, stopping men from spitting in the house, and keeping anyone from kissing their babies. The health department in Newark, New Jersey, sent a bib to every baby born in the city in 1929 that had the legend “I don’t want to be sick, please do not kiss me.” (This is a gift I suspect some contemporary parents would appreciate in this year of bad flu.)

The job of hygiene gatekeeper came somewhat naturally to Victorian women and their daughters, who were used to the expectation that they’d be the moral instructors of their households, but it could still be an unpleasant one. Tomes read correspondence between home economists and women who wrote that older family members mocked them for their new ideas, and refused to stop sharing spoons and plates with their babies or chewing bites of food before giving them to the infants. “Spitting also became a useful tactic for men to annoy hygiene-conscious ladies,” Tomes wrote, even after a full decade of anti-tuberculosis crusaders exhorting men to stop expectorating on the street, on public transport, and even (shudder) inside the home.
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Tressie McMillan Cottom on Twitter: "I’m watching Booksmart because Roxane recommended. I’m fifteen minutes in and if these girls don’t discover social reproduction By the end to resolve this narrative tension I’m going to be disappointed" / Twitt
I’m watching Booksmart because Roxane recommended. I’m fifteen minutes in and if these girls don’t discover social reproduction By the end to resolve this narrative tension I’m going to be disappointed

The slackers all got into good colleges because they are white and middle class and from same school as you, Molly.

See, it never mattered what you did in high school, Molly. You were all going to go to college. So you don’t have to wild out because there’s no conflict, Molly. None of your choices mattered.
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My mainline friends showing my low church ass how to do high church things
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Jill when Aslan asks her to remember the signs.
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Cajun spiced grits topped with sautéed mushrooms with a splash of Côte de Rhône
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A whatchamacallit in different languages:

7. Thingamajig (English)
6. Chingadera (Spanish)
5. Himstergims (Danish)…
Equifax secret menu.
Jenny Offill on Weather, Writing the Perfect Worry Novel
Over the course of a few years, leading up to and then beyond the 2016 election, the protagonist, Lizzie — a Brooklyn-based librarian, wife, and mother — grows increasingly attuned to our planet’s grim plight, and slowly moves through what you might call the Five Stages of Climatic Grief: ignorance, disbelief, worry, heightened worry, and then, well, you’ll have to read to find out.
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Convert value to boolean in

My favourite is using "!!". It’s also the recommended method by…
2 days ago
She assembled individual bags with a notebook and invisible ink pens with LED lights so all her mates can send each…
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Ana Lorena Fabrega on Twitter: "I’m confused. How did we conclude that the best way to prepare kids for the future is to cluster them into a setting where they are organized by age, into grades, and forced to learn the same things, at the same time and
I’m confused.

How did we conclude that the best way to prepare kids for the future is to cluster them into a setting where they are organized by age, into grades, and forced to learn the same things, at the same time and pace, 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 12 + years?

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Gabrielle Blair on Twitter: "When I hear men worshipping guns and talking about how there’s nothing that will stop them from defending their family, my mind goes to Naaman in the Bible. Do you remember Naaman? He was a great military leader, and he also
When I hear men worshipping guns and talking about how there’s nothing that will stop them from defending their family, my mind goes to Naaman in the Bible. Do you remember Naaman? He was a great military leader, and he also had leprosy.
The prophet told him to bathe in the Jordan River 7 times to be cured. He refused. In fact he was pissed off the cure was so simple. So his servants said: If he’d asked you to do some great thing, you would have done it, but you’re not willing to go bathe in the water?
That’s like men bragging about how they’re ready and willing to protect their family. They're picturing doing *some great thing*, but protecting your family is almost always much more mundane.

A few conversations with God to illustrate:
Conversation #1:

Man: Hey God, I just want you to know I am committed to protecting my family at all costs.

God: Gosh, that’s great to hear.

One of the main things I need you to do to protect your family is laundry. Tons of laundry. You know kids...
— they’re so susceptible to infections and viruses. Pinworms, athlete’s foot, lice, strep throat, colds and flues. Pneumonia and diarrhea are *serious killers* of children under five. The list is endless. So you’re going to need to do laundry pretty much daily.
Launder their socks & underwear, their sheets. Put their sneakers through the wash. I can’t emphasize this enough: protecting your family involves a lot of laundry.

Man: Oh. Um.

I was thinking more along the lines of a masked intruder with a gun at 2 AM raping my family.
God: First of all, stop fantasizing about your family being raped.

Second, do you know the stats on break-ins? The vast majority happen when no one is home, and only a small percentage are armed. Home alarms and dogs reduce the risk even more.
Even if you do end up being the rare house with an armed-break-in-while-home, you want to shoot someone for over your TV? Isn't that a ridiculous overreaction?

You’re not in the mob. I assure you there’s a slim-to-none chance you’ll need to defend your family at gun point.
If you really want to protect your family, laundry is where I need you to focus.

Man: But. But.

I bought all these guns. And ammunition. And I’m telling you, if anyone threatens my family, I’ll be ready.
God: Is there anything you’re willing to do to protect your family that’s not the plot of an action/thriller?




God: Sigh.

Conversation #2:

God: I’d like you to protect your family.

Man: You bet. I’m ready. If anyone touches my kids, they are dead meat.

God. Okay. Well, to protect your family, the thing I need you to do is teach thorough hand-washing.

Basically, you’ll need to carefully wash your kids’ hands several times a day until they’re old enough to do it themselves. At that point you’ll need to supervise the hand-washing for several years until you know they’ve mastered it.

And from then on, you just need to spend another ten years asking them to wash their hands multiple times a day — before school, after school, before meals, after potty breaks, etc.. Cool?

Man: Well. Um.

Is there an assignment that’s more related to guns?

God: Nope. The main thing is hand-washing.

Having guns in the house actually puts your kids in harm’s way. Surely, as a protective parent, you’ve read about the dangers of keeping and storing guns at home?


God: Let me guess. If I need someone to dig a hole on an asteroid, plant a bomb in the hole to blow up the asteroid, in order to save the Earth, you’ll be first in line.




God: Helpful.

Conversation #3:

Man: I’m ready to defend my family!! My guns and ammunition are stocked.

God: So glad to hear you’re ready to defend your family. Here’s the key thing I need you to do: Never drink alcohol again.

Man: Wait. What?

God: Well I’m sure you know motor vehicle accidents and gun accidents are top killers of children. And mixing alcohol with driving or guns makes them far riskier. If you’ve been drinking, there’s a higher likelihood you’ll drive drunk, lose your temper and hurt the kids...

... or just be irresponsible with your gun. So if you want to protect your family, I would recommend giving up alcohol as a good way to start.



Man: Can’t I just shoot some bad guys?

God: So then, NOT actually interested in protecting your family.

Conversation #4:

God: Are you ready and willing to protect your family?

Man: YES. Come at me. My house is fully armed and I keep a handgun under the passenger seat. I am READY.

God: Oh. Well. The thing I need you to do is feed your kids plenty of healthy food.

Do the grocery shopping. Plans the meals. Stock the fridge. Cook dinner. And of course, do the dishes and keep the kitchen clean because you don’t want harmful bacteria taking over.

Man: But. I mean. I don’t even know how to cook.

God: How did you learn about your weapons?

Man: Youtube.

God: Are there cooking videos on Youtube?


[End of conversations]

I'm often told that men have instincts to protect their family and how Protector is their natural role.

I think the case can be more easily made that men have zero natural instincts to protect their family.





If such an instinct had evolved, why wouldn't men check back with any woman they’d had sex with, to see if they'd caused a pregnancy?

How can we say men have an instinct to protect their family when there are children the world over with fathers who have no idea they exist?

It’s much easier to argue that mothers have a strong instinct to protect their families. Mothers still do the bulk (by far the bulk) of the parenting. Which means mothers do the real things that actually protect their kids every day all day long.

Men demanding guns for their role as protector-of-the-family are full of it. They are only willing to protect in make-believe instances that are never likely to happen. When asked to *actually* protect their family, by doing something like laundry, they can’t be bothered.




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feeling like posting a selfie! hello friend
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Courtney Jane Walker on Twitter: "@VMIpod @Duanaelise @jennyowenyoungs I could actually do a full twenty minutes on the arc of the Veronica/Logan romance and how the reboot was a savvy exploration and subversion of “bad boy” teen romance tropes." / Tw
I could actually do a full twenty minutes on the arc of the Veronica/Logan romance and how the reboot was a savvy exploration and subversion of “bad boy” teen romance tropes.

VMIPod: yes! He had really worked on himself and she…hadn’t? HZ

Yes! There was that part of her that wanted him to be jealous and angry because she 1) thinks it’s hot and 2) can’t stand being disappointed by people, so better to expect the worst.
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5 days ago
- Gideon the Ninth
- Please Read This Leaflet Carefully
- The Marrow Thieves
- Milkman

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We Should Get Together
We Should Get Together is the handbook for anyone who’s ready for better friendships, now. It explores the four biggest challenges that adults face when trying to make or maintain friendships during adulthood, and gives you the tools to overcome them.

• Have you recently moved to a new city and found yourself languishing in the #NoNewFriends adult friendship desert? 

• Does it feel like it takes 27 text messages and five weeks to set up a date with a friend?

• Do you spend more time seeing your close friends though the screen of a digital device, instead of face-to-face?

• Do you have dozens of friends who’ll go grab a drink, but no one who would be there for you in a time of need?

• Want fresh ideas to bring more depth, meaning, and connection to your friendships?

Full of expert research, relatable stories, practical tips, 60 charming illustrations, 55 suggested activities, a book club discussion guide, and 300+ conversation starters, We Should Get Together is the perfect book for anyone who wants to have dedicated, life-enriching friends, and who wants to be that kind of friend, too.

See also
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Yeah! The note about fitting onto a phone screen is interesting – can’t just crop out the sides but ma…
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Every once in a while, I come across something in my research that I must share, which is why today I need to talk…
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Owner of Rustica pizzeria in Northern Liberties dies in tragic ski accident - On top of Philly news
The owner of popular Northern Liberties pizzeria Rustica died in a ski accident in Colorado on Sunday.

Frank Maimone, 53, was found in a tree well near a black diamond trail at Steamboat Resort, according to Steamboat Pilot & Today. Fatalities from ski accidents are very rare; according to the National Ski Areas Association, the U.S. sees an average of just under 40 deaths per year, out of more than 50 million skiers.

Maimone, a native of Haddonfield, N.J., was a major player in the development of Northern Liberties.

Rustica opened near the corner of 2nd and Poplar in 2001, when the neighborhood was mostly full of abandoned buildings left over from its industrial past. At the time, there were only a few other retail establishments nearby, including the 700 Club and Standard Tap.

In addition to his menu of unusual pie toppings and innovative sandwiches, Maimone was known for his involvement in the community. Rustica partnered with local nonprofits like PAWS, Fishtown SPCA, Girls Rock Philly, according to its website

“Frank was a big part of the rebirth of this neighborhood,” said Standard Tap co-owner William Reed, who said his friend had recently taken great delight in ski trips. “I couldn’t guess how many Liberty Land cleanup days and neighborhood charity events were fueled by Rustica pizzas.”

A pizza maker since he was in his teens, Maimone was “a fixture in the neighborhood,” said Matt Reuben of the Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association.

“Frank was a consistent donor of time, food, and energy to everything we did. He had a passion for quality of life, and always held the city and the rest of the community to the highest standard for service and responsiveness.”

Steamboat Springs had recently been hit with an intense snowstorm, local news reported, piling up more than 38 inches since last Thursday. These conditions can trap skiers who fall, essentially suffocating them after they become immobilized.

Per the Associated Press, Maimone was transported from the slopes to the UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center. The exact cause of death has not yet been confirmed.

Rustica appears to be operating as usual, at least for the time being.

A call to the shop on Monday afternoon was met with that familiar refrain: “Pickup or delivery?” Asked about the tragedy surrounding the store’s owner, the store worker declined to answer questions.
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TFW you’ve been coding for ten hours
7 days ago
I'm just kidding everyone I'm not marrying Anthony Rapp! His fiance is just strikingly handsome and bears a slight…
7 days ago
I had student meetings today and I am emotional. That's my content warning.

Every year that passes, it is more li…
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Behaviors that terrify me due to their subtle chaos energy (incomplete list):

• not clearing the timer on the micr…
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