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Terseness tension | Christian Heilmann
“The biggest flaw in the shorter is better thinking to me is that it assumes an outdated idea of development. We’ve come a long way in delivering code to our end users. Instead of writing live code there are a lot of sensible steps we can take. Linting the code for issues even before we add it to version control. Writing tests and validating the code against erroneous input. And converting and packing the code to be smaller in production than it is in development. Tools are great at shortening code to be more effective and even parsers and engines do their bit. JavaScript engines do a lot of optmising and caching of code. Thus a seemingly long piece of code can run faster than something that has been optimised prematurely.”
codearchitecture  programming  codestyle  by:christianheilmann  via:codrops 
october 2019 by dirtystylus
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