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Present Tense: Kristen Stewart
When people complain about her, they tend to call her acting “flat,” or “boring.” It doesn’t seem to be “acting” at all. Well, yes, exactly. People take acting classes for years to try to do what she does naturally. Does she have a huge range? No, I don’t think so (and I also think “range” is overrated.) Range or no, Stewart is able to bring forth different shadings and energies depending on what is needed, without pushing. The woman in Personal Shopper is not the same as the one in Certain Women. Or Clouds of Sils Maria. She is so aware of what she is doing I have no doubt she could stroll through a crowded Times Square and decide to “mute” her beauty, mute her Kristen-Stewart-ness—and she would not be recognized. (Famously, Marilyn Monroe was able to do the same thing and douse her own inner key light.)
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11 weeks ago by dirtystylus
Clara Mae on Twitter: "Watching a WETA workshop vid about GitS & they kind of answered what Rila Fukushima's role was: a face cast for the animatronic geisha…"
At the very least this reminds me a lot of what we saw in Ex Machina. White presenting android walks out looking human. Asian one does not

& in Ex Machina as well, it's the Asian looking robot that's defaced/destroyed while the white looking robot benefits from her destruction

This is interesting to me because people say race doesn't matter with androids. But if you look at numerous sci-fi films, it does, actually.

It matters in what the writers do to the body of the AI/android/cyborg that's presenting as a POC versus the ones presenting as white

If one (non human) character is coded as more human than the others, tendency is often to gravitate to that one with human characteristics
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july 2018 by dirtystylus

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