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Hand Mirror, for Mac
What is this?

It's a macOS app that lives in the menu bar, and when you click on it you get a view from your camera.

Yeah but why?

You know when you have to join a Zoom call but want to check your face first, or make sure nothing too embarrassing is in frame? And so you open Photo Booth or something? But that's like 5 keyboard-presses at best? Maybe a one-click thing might save you half a second or something?
app  macos  coronavirus  remotework  via:sarahdrasner 
17 days ago by dirtystylus
Some Tips for Developing a Journal Habit – Day One – Medium
One of those necessities: altering — or perhaps recognizing — the real definition of “journaling”. Many people associate “journaling” with penning complete thoughts into a pen-and-paper diary. However, “journaling” is really just a synonym for “recording”. You can record thoughts, sure, but you can also record a daily log of events, or fitness regiments, or what you ate for breakfast.
By accepting a broader scope of the word “journaling”, it’s easier to stay positive through the daily journal grind. By recognizing that “journaling” can mean more than writing your thoughts, you give yourself more chances to succeed. This is fundamental to developing a journaling habit.
journaling  writing  habit  by:joshuaginter  dayone  software  ios  app 
march 2017 by dirtystylus
Nebo’s Handwriting Recognition Elevates Your Notes – MacStories
Converting handwriting to text is simple. Just double tap and the conversion is nearly instantaneous. The process is fast because Nebo is doing the recognition on the fly. As you write, the words Nebo detects are displayed in light grey text above the line of the page on which you are writing. The grey text allows you to monitor Nebo’s accuracy as you write. If Nebo does get something wrong, tapping the grey text brings up a popup with other possible words which makes corrections fast and easy. The real-time recognition of your handwriting also means that you can perform searches of your handwritten notes without converting them to text.
review  app  ios  notetaking  via:macstories 
september 2016 by dirtystylus
Hold down command to display all shortcuts for current application
keycommands  osx  productivity  app  tools 
august 2015 by dirtystylus
Spatial Interfaces — Elepath Exports — Medium
Get the hell away from the computer and get drawing. Use a sketchbook, or even a whiteboard. Something more loose than pixel twerking. Think with pictures.
ux  app  animation  design  hamburger  facebook  spotify  tumblr  sketching 
july 2015 by dirtystylus
Apps versus the web — Benedict Evans
you should have a website that works well on mobile regardless of whether you also have an app, and that site should give your complete proposition, since that of course is where links from Google and Facebook will take people. Too many companies present the potential customer with a website that says 'screw you, install our app', and then an app store page that says 'screw you, install our app', and then a first-run screen that says 'screw you, create an account/sign in with Facebook'. You do have to earn an install, I think.
openweb  webdev  facebook  instantarticles  app  webvsnative 
may 2015 by dirtystylus
Who makes the apps you use? Who made that one really cool feature on your favorite site? With Makerbase, you can find out. List every project you've made, and name all the makers you collaborated with.
credits  webdev  app  list 
may 2015 by dirtystylus
Lemon Wallet · Your smarter wallet
Lemon Wallet allows you to store a digital copy of all of your cards—ID, insurance, loyalty and payment cards—so you always have a backup in case your wallet is misplaced, lost or stolen. Lemon Wallet digitizes your cards in a smarter way with interactive balance updates, personalized offers and a simple way to communicate with brands and merchants.
app  finance  creditcard 
january 2013 by dirtystylus - Icon Slate
Create retina/regular favicons
icon  osx  app  favicon 
january 2013 by dirtystylus
UX Archive
How popular apps handle UX elements
ux  reference  app  ui 
december 2012 by dirtystylus
Blogsy for iPad
Drag & Drop your pictures and videos straight into your blog post.
ipad  app  wordpress 
august 2012 by dirtystylus
Mac App Store - DragonDrop
Dragging and dropping is a great way to get stuff done on your Mac, but DragonDrop makes it even better. DragonDrop lets you set down what you're dragging, leaving you free to find your destination without worrying about keeping the mouse button held down.
osx  app 
may 2012 by dirtystylus
Favs: App for Social Network Internet Favorites.
App that filters by favorites/starred from Twitter, FB, Pinboard etc.
mac  osx  app 
april 2012 by dirtystylus

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