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How are apps made? – The Message – Medium
The first pass should be ugly, the ugliest. Any brain cycle spent on pretty is self deception. If pretty is the point then please stop. Do not, I repeat, do not spent three months on the radial menu, impressive as it may be. It will not save your company. There is a time for that. That time is not now. Instead, make grand gestures. General gestures. Most importantly, enumerate the unknowns. Make a list. Making known the unknowns you now know will surface the other unknowns, the important unknowns, the truly devastating unknowns — you can’t scrape our content! you can’t monkey park here! a tiny antennae is not for rent! You want to unearth answers as quickly as possible. Nothing else matters if your question marks irrecoverably break you. Do not procrastinate in their excavation.
apps  appdesign  designbs  design  by:craigmod  via:cameronmoll 
january 2019 by dirtystylus
Highly polished guesswork can be seductive enough to pass itself off as well-considered design. But that’s a problem. And most likely a symptom.
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november 2017 by dirtystylus
Web Design - The First 100 Years
So the world of the near future is one of power constrained devices in a bandwidth-constrained environment.
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july 2015 by dirtystylus

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