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‘Representation Matters’ Is Now a Meaningless Rallying Cry
The literature lauded and, more crucially, assigned as the best, most original, and aesthetically daring in America is very white, very male, and very straight (though not nearly as white, male, and straight as we’re inclined to believe). But in the language of the internet, aesthetic judgements so often serve as threadbare proxies for the political discussions we ought to have. The canon gets trashed not because it’s bad, but because it’s canon. Meanwhile, the patriarchy, whiteness, imperialism, all the bad things, escape attention. It feels like a win, though it’s not really. (The opponents are dead or at the very least not listening.)
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9 days ago by dirtystylus
The Marvel Juggernaut: With Great Power Comes Zero Responsibility - Cinemalogue
By invoking Coogler’s name in response to criticism, Iger positioned BLACK PANTHER as representative of a pattern instead of an outlier in Marvel’s track record.  Out of 23 male directors hired leading up to ENDGAME, 21 are white men; the studio’s ratios of non-white male screenwriters and producers are likewise bleak.  It’s also reflected in ENDGAME’s condescending, slapdash battlefield moment featuring all-female characters— largely interchangeable and with negligible prior interaction —and co-director Joe Russo’s small cameo as a gay man—a demeaning footnote to a parade of heteronormality, with its ad nauseam “no homo” inserts of nuclear families meant to symbolize a return to normalcy.  Superficial inclusion means nothing if the underlying message is ignorant.
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november 2019 by dirtystylus
18F — Hacking inclusion: How we customized a bot to gently correct people who use the word 'guys'
How do you nudge people to make better decisions with their language?

It’s a difficult question: you don’t want to make someone feel bad, but it’s important to have everyone think about diverse and inclusive language.

Not too long ago, we noticed people saying the word “guys” to describe groups of people in our internal Slack chat rooms. Not a terrible error, but we want to build a diverse and inclusive workplace where people use more inclusive language. So we customized Slackbot’s autoresponses to respond automatically with different phrases if someone uses the words “guys” or “guyz”.
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may 2019 by dirtystylus
BoJack’s Raphael Bob-Waksberg on Diane Nguyen and what he’s learned about race and representation.
So that’s why I soured on the term “color-blind,” because I felt like I was being color-blind. I was just casting whoever was great and I wasn’t really thinking about their race, and then I was surprised to discover all the people I thought were great were white people.

When I think about casting now, I try to be very race-conscious. My casting director, Linda Lamontagne, and I are actively looking for people of color for every new character, and that’s made a big difference in how we cast the show. I hope that is reflected even to a layperson observing the show. [Note: In the new season, Hong Chau and Stephanie Beatriz play major supporting characters.] I’m very proud of the movement we’ve made, but we’re always going to be somewhat hobbled in our efforts because of our original sin.

If I was making a short or even a movie, then that project would be done and I could learn from it. But the fact that I’m still making this show with mostly white people in every episode fills me with tremendous guilt. I say this not to just flagellate myself or to show off what a great guy I am, but because I want to put this on the record and to hold myself up to this when I go about making other shows. Also so that other white people making shows can see that this has been something that I have wrestled with, [instead of] looking at my show and saying, “Oh well, he did it and it’s OK, so maybe it’s not that big a deal.”
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september 2018 by dirtystylus
For an Inclusive Culture, Try Working Less – Hacker Noon
I don’t know how useful this will be to anyone else, but the lesson I’m taking for myself going forward is this: if you want to build an inclusive culture, build a minimum culture. Build it around professionalism, boundaries, and work-life balance. Make sure your senior staff walks the walk, and spreads the word.

I’m reminded here of the idea behind “Getting to Yes”, that classic work on negotiation. The idea is that, in negotiation, if you work to constrain the number of things the involved parties have to agree on, you increase your chances of coming to agreement. You set aside your desires and, in service of coming to agreement, just focus on your needs. Seems obvious in retrospect, but was actually revolutionary in the business world.
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june 2017 by dirtystylus
Running an Inclusive Hackathon — Hackers and Hacking — Medium
The words “ninja” and “rockstar” tend to attract men. Even the word “hack” can be gendered. As a self-proclaimed hacker, this breaks my heart—but I have heard young women say that they shied away from hackathons because they assumed they would be aggressive events about breaking into systems.
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august 2016 by dirtystylus

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