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Killer Whale Flash Animation
Here's the best thing you'll click on today.
flash  whale  animation 
september 2013 by dirtystylus - New Technologies
Flash, Javascript, and industry sea change. See “The Reluctant Javascripter” column.
javascript  flash  webdesign  css 
june 2012 by dirtystylus
krpano - is a small and very flexible high-performance viewer for all kind of panoramic images and interactive virtual tours. The viewer is available as an Adobe Flash Player application for the usage on Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and on Android Mobiles and Tablets and additionally also as HTML5 / Javascript application for the usage on the iPhone and iPad.
panorama  photography  flash  html5  gyroscope 
april 2012 by dirtystylus
Yellow Shoes: You're having a laugh?!
Workaround for Transparency bug with Flash CS3 components
adobe  actionscript  as3  flash  webdev  development 
october 2007 by dirtystylus
[TxMt] TM_BUNDLE_PATH not what you would expect?
If you've modified a bundle and TM_BUNDLE_PATH no longer points to /Library
textmate  actionscript  as3  flash 
september 2007 by dirtystylus

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