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Owner of Rustica pizzeria in Northern Liberties dies in tragic ski accident - On top of Philly news
The owner of popular Northern Liberties pizzeria Rustica died in a ski accident in Colorado on Sunday.

Frank Maimone, 53, was found in a tree well near a black diamond trail at Steamboat Resort, according to Steamboat Pilot & Today. Fatalities from ski accidents are very rare; according to the National Ski Areas Association, the U.S. sees an average of just under 40 deaths per year, out of more than 50 million skiers.

Maimone, a native of Haddonfield, N.J., was a major player in the development of Northern Liberties.

Rustica opened near the corner of 2nd and Poplar in 2001, when the neighborhood was mostly full of abandoned buildings left over from its industrial past. At the time, there were only a few other retail establishments nearby, including the 700 Club and Standard Tap.

In addition to his menu of unusual pie toppings and innovative sandwiches, Maimone was known for his involvement in the community. Rustica partnered with local nonprofits like PAWS, Fishtown SPCA, Girls Rock Philly, according to its website

“Frank was a big part of the rebirth of this neighborhood,” said Standard Tap co-owner William Reed, who said his friend had recently taken great delight in ski trips. “I couldn’t guess how many Liberty Land cleanup days and neighborhood charity events were fueled by Rustica pizzas.”

A pizza maker since he was in his teens, Maimone was “a fixture in the neighborhood,” said Matt Reuben of the Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association.

“Frank was a consistent donor of time, food, and energy to everything we did. He had a passion for quality of life, and always held the city and the rest of the community to the highest standard for service and responsiveness.”

Steamboat Springs had recently been hit with an intense snowstorm, local news reported, piling up more than 38 inches since last Thursday. These conditions can trap skiers who fall, essentially suffocating them after they become immobilized.

Per the Associated Press, Maimone was transported from the slopes to the UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center. The exact cause of death has not yet been confirmed.

Rustica appears to be operating as usual, at least for the time being.

A call to the shop on Monday afternoon was met with that familiar refrain: “Pickup or delivery?” Asked about the tragedy surrounding the store’s owner, the store worker declined to answer questions.
food  philadelphia  death  obituary  pizza 
10 days ago by dirtystylus
Lulu Wang’s Grub Street Diet
During the afternoon, I went to Hugh, a Korean spa. I love it so much that I almost don’t want to name it because I’d hate for it to get overrun with people. I don’t think it will though because it’s very specific and probably not everyone’s cup of tea. I guess for me, it feels like being in the family room of my parents house while my mother cooks for me. There’s one Korean woman who cooks everything in the kitchen, and her steamed dumplings are handmade. It’s an all-women’s spa, so I sit in the kitchen in nothing but a robe eating dumplings. It’s very, very chill.
food  film  luluwang  asianamerica  losangeles  filmmaking  grubstreetdiet  interview 
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Why is Chrissy Teigen’s new website so bad?
Traditional platforms provide plenty of fodder to react to and position around—you can stand out by being messy where others strive for perfection, or by matching the president’s foul language where others demure.
editorialdesign  editorialstrategy  culture  food  cooking  celebrities  chrissyteigen  branding  webdesign 
november 2019 by dirtystylus
How Bubble Tea Became a Complicated Symbol of Asian-American Identity - Eater
“In some ways, it is a quintessential passing of the baton from American hegemony to East Asian hegemony,” Ray says. “It’s symptomatic of East Asia’s location — of East Asian urban culture — in the global circulation of taste.”
via:cordeliayu  food  bobatea  asianamerica  unitedstates  culture 
november 2019 by dirtystylus
Word of the Week: Kuidaore (n) - Wandering Fête
The word kuidaore (食い倒れ) roughly translates to “ruin oneself by the extravagance in food” or “to eat oneself into bankruptcy.”
language  japan  food  via:dianalu 
july 2019 by dirtystylus
Pitch on Twitter: "new lacroix flavors! -transported in a truck near bananas -hint of hint of lime -single skittle dissolved in water -shy watermelon -imagine like, a strawberry but with low battery"
new lacroix flavors!
-transported in a truck near bananas
-hint of hint of lime
-single skittle dissolved in water
-shy watermelon
-imagine like, a strawberry but with low battery
humor  slackfodder  food  lacroix  hipsters 
june 2018 by dirtystylus
The king’s guard: Meet the people who live in mango trees so they can protect the fruit | more lifestyle | Hindustan Times
It’s a quarter past five. Fluffy clouds glide over a dense Alphonso orchard in Ratnagiri. The only sound is the breeze in the trees. Then, suddenly, there’s a piercing shriek and a loud ruffling of leaves. The monkey tribe has signaled its arrival. The battle has begun.
nature  food  mango  nepal 
may 2018 by dirtystylus
RΛMIN NΛSIBOV on Twitter: "… "
Know your menu

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april 2018 by dirtystylus
These soft robot fingers are also edible | The Verge
Instead, researchers from Swiss research institute EPFL imagine digestible bots being put to a number of uses — from exploring our bodies (before being disposed of by our guts) to “food transportation where the robot does not require additional payload because the robot is the food.” (Our emphasis.)
robots  food  technology 
october 2017 by dirtystylus
A London sewer is being clogged by a gigantic, vile 'fatberg' - The Washington Post
The problem is so insidious in London, in fact, Thames Water “even formed a ‘fatberg hit squad’ to tackle the problem,” as Kaplan wrote.
fatberg  infrastructure  london  food  trash 
september 2017 by dirtystylus
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