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A thread written by @morganknutson
A massive F U to Google Plus
Also a study in designer entitlement
google  productdesign  twitterthread  teamwork  techculture  googleplus 
october 2018 by dirtystylus
The UX of AI - Library - Google Design
"The role of AI shouldn’t be to find the needle in the haystack for us, but to show us how much hay it can clear so we can better see the needle ourselves." via Dan Saffer
google  ux  machinelearning  AI  design 
february 2018 by dirtystylus
AnyPixel.js is an open-source software and hardware library that makes it possible to use the web to create big, unusual, interactive displays out of all kinds of things. Anyone can fork the code and the schematics to create their own display at any scale.
hardware  google  framework  tools  javascript  displaytech 
january 2018 by dirtystylus
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Using page speed in mobile search ranking
Today we’re announcing that starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.

The “Speed Update,” as we’re calling it, will only affect pages that deliver the slowest experience to users and will only affect a small percentage of queries. It applies the same standard to all pages, regardless of the technology used to build the page. The intent of the search query is still a very strong signal, so a slow page may still rank highly if it has great, relevant content.
google  search  performance  mobile  webperf 
january 2018 by dirtystylus
Add and delete rows or columns - Docs editors Help
If you'd like to insert multiple rows or columns, highlight the number of columns or rows you wish to insert. Then, right click the column or row header, and select "Insert N..." For example, if you highlight five rows, right click the row header, and select Insert 5 above or Insert 5 below.
google  googlesheets  spreadsheet  tips 
june 2015 by dirtystylus

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