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Peek menu
⭐️ Introducing the “peek menu” navigation pattern. Created for a project at @VoxProduct: @CodePen
navigation  voxproduct  hamburger  progressivedisclosure  lookahead  rwd  webdesign 
september 2015 by dirtystylus
Spatial Interfaces — Elepath Exports — Medium
Get the hell away from the computer and get drawing. Use a sketchbook, or even a whiteboard. Something more loose than pixel twerking. Think with pictures.
ux  app  animation  design  hamburger  facebook  spotify  tumblr  sketching 
july 2015 by dirtystylus
Navicon Transformicons - CodePen
Different CSS transforms for navigation icons (hamburger).
rwd  animation  css  hamburger  navigation 
december 2013 by dirtystylus

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