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Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator by Cloudinary
Breakpoint generator for responsive images:

Good way to see the impact of different confi…
tools  webdev  imagery  imagescaling  rwd 
march 2019 by dirtystylus
Responsive Images in Drupal: Part 2 | Aten Design Group
To achieve this solution, i used manual crop on every style and apply fallback to a higher "width/retina" version. For example "Tablet Retina 1.5x" would inherit from "Desktop Retina 2x". You could even have "Mobile Retina 2x" fallback from "Desktop Retina 1x" in this case because the resolution is large enough. But then you wouldn't always inherit the correct focal points because e.g. you might have altered the focal point for tablets.
drupal  module:manual_crop  imagery  imagescaling  artdirection  responsiveimages  rwd  performance 
june 2016 by dirtystylus
Between | User experience design
Lots of clean, stark imagery including GIFs.
imagery  b+w  GIF 
november 2014 by dirtystylus

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