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bletchley punk on Twitter: "*attends event with 100+ women* ME: ugh I want to shave my head *sits in meeting where everyone is called "guys"* ME: ugh I want to paint my nails"
*attends event with 100+ women*
ME: ugh I want to shave my head
*sits in meeting where everyone is called "guys"*
ME: ugh I want to paint my nails
for people saying "both," yes of course

it's not that I can't do both, it's that both are efforts to be properly Seen
there's this Thing I keep running into, at the intersection of the tech industry and gender

I think it's mostly impactful in cultures where your job is a big part of who you are
I go to women in tech events and, invariably, I'm either the only woman or possibly one of two women who works in the infra space

most other women work in frontend or management or (sometimes) backend services
the number of women I know, in my local community, who do what I do? that is, infra and systems engineering and C and assembly and security and networking?

I know a few from the Internet and some I've met in person!

but still, very very few
and because What We Do is so entwined with Who We Are, there's this odd...gendering that happens

tech roles have been gendered by history (a whole other discussion) but in turn I'm seeing/feeling Gender Defined By Tech Role
I attend events for women and none of them do what I do

and so I feel like I don't belong

and I I not a woman?
because all these women write JS or manage teams and have career paths that look similar

and mine doesn't
and WHY aren't there more women like me? because they're not wanted! there's no in-roads. no retention. no encouragement. if you make it in, you're either held at arm's length or pushed out altogether.

I know this

and yet
it's far easier to feel awkward at WIT events and think "I feel awkward because I'm not a woman" than it is to think "I feel awkward because women like me are systematically culled"
because the latter part is far lonelier
because the latter part acknowledges that I will always be a bit lonely and a bit behind, compared to my WIT friends
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june 2019 by dirtystylus
Pa. school districts say later start times are boosting grades : Education : WHYY
He estimates the shift will cost $300,000 for additional transportation needs, including rescheduling bus routes so private school students can still get to school on time.
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january 2019 by dirtystylus
A London sewer is being clogged by a gigantic, vile 'fatberg' - The Washington Post
The problem is so insidious in London, in fact, Thames Water “even formed a ‘fatberg hit squad’ to tackle the problem,” as Kaplan wrote.
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september 2017 by dirtystylus

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