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Gillian Branstetter on Twitter: ""Maybe, you love them more." @megan_falley" / Twitter
I never came out.
I just brought her home.
She had a guitar strapped to her back, I think
she was born with it, her beauty mark.
She sat in my mother’s kitchen and offered up a tune,
my family’s first time saying grace.

I don}t know if they always knew
and so weren’t surprised. My uncle, who talks about Jesus
like he knows him, would call me a lesbian,
but we were never sure
if he was a bigot
or a prophet.

Or maybe my mother was just good.
My partner, working the overnight shift at the homeless
queer youth center, has to tell a child tonight
that there is no room for her there,
just like her parents did when she traded
her football uniform for a prom dress.

I wish there were a background check on breeders.
A contract, a dotted line, a form you must sign.
If your kid pulls their real name out of the sea of unknowing,
or tries on the suit of a new gender, ecstatic
that something finally fits, if your kid has the courage
to love, you love them.
Maybe, you love them more.
poetry  by:meganfalley  lgbtq 
18 days ago by dirtystylus
What it Feels Like for a Butch - Gay Mag
The gay Latino barber knew exactly what I meant and went to work. I surged with excitement. When he was done, he handed me the mirror. There I was.
via:livialabate  by:melissamorahidalgo  barbershops  hair  fashion  identity  lgbtq 
18 days ago by dirtystylus
Amaryah S. Armstrong on Twitter: "I always laugh when ppl talk abt being gay isn't a choice bc why would you choose it, but have these ppl looked at heterosexuality lately? All the work that goes into compulsory heterosexuality makes sense bc how else wou
I always laugh when ppl talk abt being gay isn't a choice bc why would you choose it, but have these ppl looked at heterosexuality lately? All the work that goes into compulsory heterosexuality makes sense bc how else would you get ppl to be straight? lmaoooo
sexuality  gender  genderroles  lgbtq 
september 2019 by dirtystylus
The confirmation class that protested Methodist LGBTQ politics reveals the huge split within the church.
Their confirmation service was set to take place that day. But this year, the class made other plans: Together, the students wrote a statement rejecting their membership as an act of resistance. Two class members read it in front of the church. “While we love our congregation,” they said, as their parents and other members watched from the pews, “we believe the United Methodist policies on LGBTQ+ clergy and same-sex marriage are immoral.”
church  church:umc  christianity  children  lgbtq 
april 2019 by dirtystylus
Blame it on the Smoochbelly
My friend Samantha, a transgender woman, wrote a short comic about wishing she could go back and talk to her younger self. It's beautiful.
lgbtq  comic  transgender 
september 2018 by dirtystylus
Interview: The answer was love | Reform Magazine
You said in a blog that the slogan ‘Love the sinner, hate the sin’ is on the same spectrum of violence as that shooting.

Yes. Number one, that’s an unscriptural teaching. If anything Jesus calls Christians to love the sinner and hate their own sin. Also, homosexuality is not a sin, bisexuality is not a sin, being transgender is not a sin. That’s like me saying heterosexuality is a sin – you can’t classify a whole category of people as sinful based on their sexual orientation. If people misuse their sexuality for dominance, coercion, abuse, then absolutely; but if it has been consecrated for use by God then in the words of Pope Francis: ‘Who am I to judge?’
by:stephentomkins  via:broderickgreer  lgbtq  church  religion  whiteness  whiteprivilege  evangelicalism  sin  theology  inclusion 
march 2017 by dirtystylus
Permission to Lament | Spiritual Friendship
But lament is different. If despair says, “The road has no destination,” lament sounds a contrasting note: “I know there will be joy when I arrive at the destination, but I’m not there yet, and this road feels very long and hard sometimes.” If despair gives up on the pilgrim way, lament keeps putting one foot in front of the other—while crying (Psalm 126:5-6). If despair’s head is downcast, lament’s face may be shining with tears but it is upturned, addressing God. If despair gives up, lament gives way on occasion—to frustration (Psalm 13:1-2), to groaning (Romans 8:18-25), to complaining (Psalm 22:1).
loneliness  spirituality  religion  christianity  lgbtq  church  friendship  via:wesleyhill 
january 2017 by dirtystylus
Confessions of a Carioca: Reconciling the Irreconcilable
The New Testament’s emphasis is not on people learning to live with what divides then, but learning to live out what unites them
via:wesleyhill  theology  episcopal  church  queerness  lgbtq  inclusion  gospel  religion  christianity 
november 2016 by dirtystylus

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