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Always Own Your Platform
You know, it wasn't that long ago.

There was RSS.

There were blogs.

There were sub-groups and communities. The weirdos found each other. The non-weirdos found each other. It wasn't perfect. But it was distributed. It was ours.

It was yours.

Now? The original dream of the web is dying. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Medium, and YouTube entice us to give them our creative work.

They control what gets amplified and what gets monetized. A few conference rooms in Silicon Valley dictate our online culture.

It's time to take it back.

Stop giving away your work to people who don't care about it. Host it yourself. Distribute it via methods you control. Build your audience deliberately and on your own terms.

Be in charge of the relationship with your audience.

Deliver value and then ask for money. Avoid unnecessary middlemen.

Always. Own. Your platform.

Do you see someone in the wild, not owning their platform? Let them know:
rss  techculture  list  service  socialmedia 
may 2019 by dirtystylus
Progressive Tooling
A list of community-built, third-party tools that can be used to improve page performance
tools  accessibility  performance  webperf  list  by:housseindjirdeh 
august 2018 by dirtystylus
Data — Information is Beautiful
We love data. And we love getting data good and tight and comprehensive.
The technical term for that is “juicy”. Juicy data.

In fact, 80% of the work involved in creating an infographic is data-gathering, shaping and checking. Making the data juicy.

So here, naturally, is a big ass spreadsheet of all our best data.
dataviz  list  via:kimquinn 
april 2018 by dirtystylus
People of Craft
Speaking of lists of lists—I appreciate sites like these: Has anyon…
list  art  illustration  design  PoC  hiring 
april 2018 by dirtystylus
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