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Adactio: Journal—Architects, gardeners, and design systems
It’s rare to find job titles like software gardener, or information librarian (even though they would be just as valid as other terms we’ve made up like software engineer or information architect). Outside of the context of open source projects, we don’t talk much about maintenance. We’re much more likely to talk about making.
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9 weeks ago by dirtystylus
Thank you, Guido | Dropbox Blog
“When asked, I would give people my opinion that maintainable code is more important than clever code,” he said. “If I encountered clever code that was particularly cryptic, and I had to do some maintenance on it, I would probably rewrite it. So I led by example, and also by talking to other people.”
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november 2019 by dirtystylus
How to Feed the Birds
When confronted with a section of code that's messy and hard to understand in what is now your yard, so to speak, it's easy to want to cast blame and curse those that came before you and left you this mess without so much as a letter explaining how they got here. I have to remember, though, that I too have written code that got the job done, but maybe not in the most elegant way. My code kept out the squirrels, but made it harder for the next person to feed the birds.
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april 2018 by dirtystylus

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