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Codename: nvUltra -
“The biggest difference is that it works with multiple folders and sub-folders. You pick a folder, it indexes it, and you can use it just like nvALT. But then you can open another folder, or create a new one and start editing. It allows you to create folders anywhere, maybe one on Dropbox or iCloud Drive that’s shared, one on an encrypted disk that’s private, one for work, one for home, one for every writing project. You’re not limited to tags (though you can search by and sync with macOS tags within the app), and you can sort your notes into subfolders as well.”
via:peter_chappy  nvalt  markdown  writing  notetaking 
june 2019 by dirtystylus
TabCopy - Chrome Web Store
Copy Chrome tabs to a Markdown list
chrome  extension  markdown 
may 2019 by dirtystylus
Markdown Service Tools - Brett Terpstra
@dirtystylus “Markdown Service Tools is a set of OS X Services to make creating MD-formatted text that much easier.”
markdown  tools  webdev 
march 2012 by dirtystylus

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