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Kelly Wickham Hurst on Twitter: "”POC working and living in primarily white environments take home way more daily indignities and slights and microaggressions than they bother talking to us about because their experience consistently is that it’s not
In every room I’m in we create these guidelines.

And every single time a white person will try to add “assume good intentions” to that list.

We don’t let them. We CANNOT assume every white person has done the identity work for that to make it in the guidelines.
whiteness  whitefragility  robindangelo  twitterthread  microaggressions  PoC  by:kellywickhamhurst 
may 2019 by dirtystylus
‘It makes me feel invisible’
It happened again. Nicholas Pilapil got an email clearly meant for his co-worker, Jonathan Castanien. Previously, Pilapil had missed a meeting invitation because their white co-workers couldn’t tell them apart.

So they came up with a cheeky way to address the problem. Between their desks, Pilapil and Castanien hung a sign that read, “This company has worked __ days without an incident. Incorrect names are avoidable.”
racism  workculture  microaggressions  via:ranafayez 
may 2019 by dirtystylus

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