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For Cinephiles, Netflix Is Less and Less an Option | KQED Arts
Netflix didn’t want to talk to me about their movie catalogue, leaving me to rely on the speculation of a couple of video store folks that the company’s DVD selection is shrinking most likely because it is not replacing damaged disks.
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april 2019 by dirtystylus
Tidying Up with Marie Kondo: Netflix’s new star, explained - Vox
This problem of practicality is where we get to one of the hidden traps of the KonMari method: While it’s sometimes thought of as the philosophy of a minimalist, anti-consumerist lifestyle, it’s not. It’s actually extremely expensive. If I want everything around me to make me joyful — including my cleaning supplies, including my kitchenware — then I can discard what I don’t like, sure, but at a certain point I’ll have to get new versions of the stuff I actually need, versions that will spark joy for me. And the replacements I bring into my home will cost money.
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january 2019 by dirtystylus
BoJack’s Raphael Bob-Waksberg on Diane Nguyen and what he’s learned about race and representation.
So that’s why I soured on the term “color-blind,” because I felt like I was being color-blind. I was just casting whoever was great and I wasn’t really thinking about their race, and then I was surprised to discover all the people I thought were great were white people.

When I think about casting now, I try to be very race-conscious. My casting director, Linda Lamontagne, and I are actively looking for people of color for every new character, and that’s made a big difference in how we cast the show. I hope that is reflected even to a layperson observing the show. [Note: In the new season, Hong Chau and Stephanie Beatriz play major supporting characters.] I’m very proud of the movement we’ve made, but we’re always going to be somewhat hobbled in our efforts because of our original sin.

If I was making a short or even a movie, then that project would be done and I could learn from it. But the fact that I’m still making this show with mostly white people in every episode fills me with tremendous guilt. I say this not to just flagellate myself or to show off what a great guy I am, but because I want to put this on the record and to hold myself up to this when I go about making other shows. Also so that other white people making shows can see that this has been something that I have wrestled with, [instead of] looking at my show and saying, “Oh well, he did it and it’s OK, so maybe it’s not that big a deal.”
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september 2018 by dirtystylus
Jessica Jones Movie Poster Gallery
All 13 episodes of S2 for Jessica Jones are written/directed by women.
All 13 episode posters are illustrated by women.
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march 2018 by dirtystylus

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