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Myleik Teele on Twitter: "ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Here are some things I've done over the years to become super thorough and incredibly detail oriented. A THREAD (I think)."
ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Here are some things I've done over the years to become super thorough and incredibly detail oriented. A THREAD (I think).

1. PICK UP THE PHONE: Too many of us rely on email and text to communicate. I use that as the starting point. If we've got business and you send an email, I'm scheduling a call. This cuts down on 80% of the misunderstandings.
1a. Scheduling phone calls gives you a sense of the person's style and tone. By speaking to them you'll instantly know what they mean when they email. You'll also find out what preferences work for them AND people ALWAYS FORGET to say SOMETHING in the email. THIS IS A FACT.
2. DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING: You can do this super quick. If there's an address, give it a quick Google and make sure the company hasn't moved. If you're unsure about the location, call and ask for what you need. No silly questions. You're in it to win it.
3. ASSUME THE WORST: I know. I hate doing this but you have to assume everything is going to fall apart. Start running some back up plans in the back of your mind so that you can move quickly. If you finish the task quickly, spend a few minutes on a back up plan.
4. CONFIRM EVERYTHING: If you schedule something for next week, CONFIRM it the day before. PEOPLE FORGET.
5. KEEP A LIST OF THINGS YOU MAY NEED SOME DAY: I keep an excessive amount of notes on my phone for all kinds of things and I type up a couple of key words so that I can quickly search them.
6. GET ORGANIZED + STAY ORGANIZED: Make a LIST. DATE the list. Use the LIST. Cross off the LIST. KEEP THE LIST. I used to always look back on old lists. I'd go back to the month and there it was.
7. GET GANGSTER WITH YOUR CALENDAR: The calendar is by far my best friend. I LIVE by the calendar. If it's not on the calendar, it's not happening.
8. IMMEDIATELY APOLOGIZE: If you mess up. Admit it. Correct it. Do your BEST not to let it happen again.
9. UNDERSTAND THE ORDER: Too many of us have our egos tied up in the work. When I'm working for a client, my JOB is to ensure the client is happy vs. trying to convince them that I'm right.
10. KEEP LEARNING: Most of being intimidated is about not KNOWING. Read. Take classes. Take courses. Ask around.
11. KEEP A DIVERSE NETWORK: I can get to and find out ANYTHING because of my network. Don't get obsessed with trying to hang around the same type of people. You win when you can make a phone call and things happen.
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