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Demos, Prototypes, and MVPs | Jacob Kaplan-Moss
Demos are essentially functional sales collateral. They're a bit of functional code perhaps backed up with static work like mockups or slides. They face potential customers: they exist to help close a deal.

A prototype is similar to a demo in scope. But the audience and the goal make them fundamentally different. A prototype is used to prove that a product, feature, or approach is viable. They can be very rough, even barely working, as long as they serve their purpose. Demos, the other hand, usually need to look good; they're part of a sales pitch.
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5 weeks ago by dirtystylus
Steve Jobs on Prototypes -
“We haven’t built a prototype in engineering for two years.

“What that means is, manufacturing gets involved from day one.

“A lot of times, when you build prototypes, it’s not quite the same technology as you’re going to use in production. And so all the accumulated knowledge you get from building your prototypes, you throw away when you change technology to go into production. And you start over in that accumulation process.
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july 2018 by dirtystylus
Dear Ueno: how do you create UX with delightful animations?
Animation/prototyping almost always helps sell design concepts to clients more successfully than a static comp. In my experience a 10 second animation can help convey a new idea more effectively than an entire 30 minute meeting.
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may 2018 by dirtystylus

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