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Publishing U: How Do I Keep My Head Up while Finding a Publisher? : The Booklist Reader
What fails for me is that it [that] virtually nothing is made of the fact that these guys are Koreans. I suppose in the alleged melting pot of America that might be a good thing, but for the book it doesn’t lend anything even lightly exotic to the narrative or the characters.
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november 2017 by dirtystylus
Refreshing The Verge: no platform like home - The Verge
Perhaps ironically, we’ve found that the best way to create that resiliency is by harking back to the web principle of progressive enhancement: each story created in Chorus begins as a platform-neutral collection of text, images, and video. That foundation ensures that we can publish that story as easily to our own platform as to, say, AMP or Apple News, and be confident that our audience will experience that story in a way that fits whichever platform they are using. On our own platform, we’re then free to enhance up, adding stylistic or experiential flairs that elevate the experience of the story. This practice — which I refer to unoriginally as progressively enhanced storytelling — also has the added benefit of helping us make our content more accessible to more kinds of users, especially those with disabilities. (It wouldn’t be inaccurate to consider speaking browsers one among the many platforms we must publish to.)
orbitalcontent  publishing  cms  via:aworkinglibrary  voxproduct  progressiveenhancement  openweb  googleamp  performance  video  editorialdesign 
october 2016 by dirtystylus
Mobile Share of Site Visits, by Industry, in 2014
The top 20% of publishers are seeing astonishing 90.4% of traffic from smartphones and tablet:
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march 2015 by dirtystylus

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