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The Marvel Juggernaut: With Great Power Comes Zero Responsibility - Cinemalogue
By invoking Coogler’s name in response to criticism, Iger positioned BLACK PANTHER as representative of a pattern instead of an outlier in Marvel’s track record.  Out of 23 male directors hired leading up to ENDGAME, 21 are white men; the studio’s ratios of non-white male screenwriters and producers are likewise bleak.  It’s also reflected in ENDGAME’s condescending, slapdash battlefield moment featuring all-female characters— largely interchangeable and with negligible prior interaction —and co-director Joe Russo’s small cameo as a gay man—a demeaning footnote to a parade of heteronormality, with its ad nauseam “no homo” inserts of nuclear families meant to symbolize a return to normalcy.  Superficial inclusion means nothing if the underlying message is ignorant.
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november 2019 by dirtystylus
Is ‘Modern Love’ Only for White Women? - ZORA
After watching the show, I cried too—longer and harder than I care to admit. But I cried because, as a Black woman, the show made me feel anything but romantic. With its total exclusion of Black, brown, and Indigenous women as love interests, I felt invisible and dehumanized. Modern Love was incredibly traumatizing to watch, reminding me of all the gendered violence and dismissal I’ve faced in my life.
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october 2019 by dirtystylus
Clara Mae on Twitter: "Watching a WETA workshop vid about GitS & they kind of answered what Rila Fukushima's role was: a face cast for the animatronic geisha…"
At the very least this reminds me a lot of what we saw in Ex Machina. White presenting android walks out looking human. Asian one does not

& in Ex Machina as well, it's the Asian looking robot that's defaced/destroyed while the white looking robot benefits from her destruction

This is interesting to me because people say race doesn't matter with androids. But if you look at numerous sci-fi films, it does, actually.

It matters in what the writers do to the body of the AI/android/cyborg that's presenting as a POC versus the ones presenting as white

If one (non human) character is coded as more human than the others, tendency is often to gravitate to that one with human characteristics
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july 2018 by dirtystylus

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