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My Sass and CSS Best Practices -
Try indenting css rules instead of nesting to balance readability and cleaner output.
sass  css  tips 
march 2017 by dirtystylus
Beware of Selector Nesting in Sass
If you ask me now, I feel like adding pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements are pretty much the only case where it’s fine.
sass  css  nesting  codestyle  tips  webdev 
august 2016 by dirtystylus
CSS for Software Engineers for CSS Developers // Speaker Deck
DRY in source, not in production.

Only bind CSS onto CSS-based classes only
css  webdev  slideshow  presentation  via:chriscoyier  sass  DRY 
june 2016 by dirtystylus
Breakpoint mixin generator for SASS
compass  css  rwd  sass 
april 2013 by dirtystylus
Bricss - Using Sass source maps in WebKit Inspector
If you’ve been using a CSS preprocessor in your workflow, you’ve no doubt encountered this issue: you’re inspecting some element and want to edit the CSS, but finding that selector proves to be difficult as the inspector shows you file names and line numbers for your compiled CSS.
chrome  sass  webkitinspector  workflow  css 
october 2012 by dirtystylus

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