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#100DaysOfVanillaJS: What is JavaScript, Primitive Data Types & Let, Var and Const - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
The series serves as my attempt at explaining JavaScript the best way I can. It took failing, building and having to work with it in day-to-day situations to truly begin to not only understand it, but appreciate it for what it is and what it can do.

My goal for the series to not only introduce you to the fundamentals of the programming language, but also explain how JavaScript works under the hood without any frameworks or libraries. This will be an ongoing and ever-evolving series as JavaScript will continue to come out with more features. I also seek to deepen my own knowledge of the language and this is a great way to better my technical communication abilities.

My aim is to make this series digestible and easy for everyone to understand, whether you’re a complete beginner to coding or prepping for those all too intense technical interviews.

Should you expect a post every day? Not quite but it will be very frequent and at least weekly. The goal is to make 100 posts about JavaScript by the end of 2021, ready for this adventure?
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Responsive Mistakes (a mini-series) – David Bushell – Web Design & Front-end Development
Designing with three distinct devices in mind is misguided (even more so if you only care for Apple products). The Web is ubiquitous and it’s our job to design for what we know, not what we prefer.
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