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How Slack ruined work | WIRED UK
“With email you know you probably have time to read through a bunch of messages and have a day to respond,” he says. “Slack is instant and we get a rewarding hit of dopamine every time we respond to someone or someone reaches out to us to let us know a member of our 'work tribe' needs us. It makes us feel valued and informed, but it also makes us fearful every time an alert comes in that we’ll be out of the loop or ill-informed if we don’t check a message, even though very few truly need our instant attention.”

The result is workers end up checking messages about work, rather than doing any, he surmises. The problem isn't necessarily Slack as a platform, but how people use instant messaging software. Beyond a loss of production, it has the longer term impact that users are either distracted by the tool or anticipating being distracted by it. The result is workers are increasingly finding it difficult to concentrate fully on the task they're doing.
slack  communication  distraction  workculture 
5 weeks ago by dirtystylus
Slack rules of life | Seth's Blog
Create a new channel for every project.

Invite the right people to join the channel to work on it.

Every project has a beginning, and it has an ending as well. Don’t start a channel if you’re not prepared to end it.

When a project isn’t helping you reach your longer-term goals, leave the channel.

Direct messages demand clarity and care. And teams do better when communication is shared.

Remember that your reputation moves with you, from channel to channel.

Emotions are real, but emojis can be a distraction.
slack  teamwork  communication  techculture 
10 weeks ago by dirtystylus
18F — Hacking inclusion: How we customized a bot to gently correct people who use the word 'guys'
How do you nudge people to make better decisions with their language?

It’s a difficult question: you don’t want to make someone feel bad, but it’s important to have everyone think about diverse and inclusive language.

Not too long ago, we noticed people saying the word “guys” to describe groups of people in our internal Slack chat rooms. Not a terrible error, but we want to build a diverse and inclusive workplace where people use more inclusive language. So we customized Slackbot’s autoresponses to respond automatically with different phrases if someone uses the words “guys” or “guyz”.
inclusion  diversity  language  genderbias  slack  bots 
may 2019 by dirtystylus
Rebuilding – Several People Are Coding
At first we tried to implement our layout with a traditional 12-column grid using CSS Grid. That approach ultimately didn’t work because we were limiting ourselves into a using a single dimensional layout when Grid is meant for two. In the end, we discovered that a column-based grid wasn’t actually needed. Since Grid allows you to create a custom grid to match whatever layout you have, we didn’t need to force it into 12 columns. Instead, we created CSS Grid objects for some of the common layout patterns in the designs.
css:grid  css  by:minamarkham  webdesign  slack  cssframework  ITCSS 
october 2017 by dirtystylus
What I Learned at Slack — Medium
“Pick three key attributes or features, get those things very, very right, and then forget about everything else.” But peaks don’t need to be big.
slack  productmanagement  software  mvp  development  focus  userdelight 
july 2015 by dirtystylus

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