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Some Tips for Developing a Journal Habit – Day One – Medium
One of those necessities: altering — or perhaps recognizing — the real definition of “journaling”. Many people associate “journaling” with penning complete thoughts into a pen-and-paper diary. However, “journaling” is really just a synonym for “recording”. You can record thoughts, sure, but you can also record a daily log of events, or fitness regiments, or what you ate for breakfast.
By accepting a broader scope of the word “journaling”, it’s easier to stay positive through the daily journal grind. By recognizing that “journaling” can mean more than writing your thoughts, you give yourself more chances to succeed. This is fundamental to developing a journaling habit.
journaling  writing  habit  by:joshuaginter  dayone  software  ios  app 
march 2017 by dirtystylus
What I Learned at Slack — Medium
“Pick three key attributes or features, get those things very, very right, and then forget about everything else.” But peaks don’t need to be big.
slack  productmanagement  software  mvp  development  focus  userdelight 
july 2015 by dirtystylus
Vagrant Manager - Home
RT @ahhhnice: Vagrant Manager, a GUI for OS X…
vagrant  mac  osx  software 
march 2015 by dirtystylus
f.lux: software to make your life better
f.lux fixes this: it makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.
osx  software 
june 2014 by dirtystylus
The Uniform Server
AMP server (alternative to WAMP and XAMPP)
apache  software  windows 
february 2014 by dirtystylus
Name Mangler · Many Tricks
Renaming Utility (compare to Automator)
osx  software 
december 2013 by dirtystylus
Use two Dropbox accounts on one computer — theTerran
Reminder to ye who use Dropbox on OSX: Yes, you CAN run more than one instance:
dropbox  software 
september 2013 by dirtystylus
My Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Mac OS X (2012 Edition) — carpeaqua by Justin Williams
This is the fourth installment of my must have must have list of tools and utilities as a Mac and iOS developer (2009, 2010, 2011). A lot can change in twelve months when you work in the technology space. The biggest change for Apple developers each year are the platform updates. This year saw the transition from iOS 5 to 6 as well as Lion turning into a more powerful Mountain Lion.
apple  osx  workflow  tools  software 
october 2012 by dirtystylus
Syncman | Wateree Software
Gmail-Address Book Sync Utility
gmail  osx  software  sync  mac 
may 2008 by dirtystylus
Delete OS X Software including prefs files
osx  apple  software  mac 
april 2008 by dirtystylus
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