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The Aesthetic-Accessibility Paradox

Don't read this if the ableism in it will upset you. Do read this if you want to understand how pervasive ableism is in web design. This is just one person who spent a lot of words to be wrong, but their beliefs are common.

There is no aesthetic-accessibility paradox. Accessibility is important; aesthetic isn't. No one is making accessibility the enemy of beauty. People who make this argument are first crafting a sword, then falling on it and claiming they have been stabbed.
accessibility  design  ux  webdesign 
november 2019 by dirtystylus
Michael Tsai - Blog - Upgrading From an iPhone SE to an XR
I wasn’t sure whether I would like the size of the screen. With the iPhone SE, I could easily reach everything with one hand, and this wasn’t the case even with an iPhone 6s. The iPhone XR is quite a bit larger. In fact, I found that it’s so large that I hold and use it in a different—unapologetically two-handed—way, and the adjustment has been easy. Being able to see so much at once is an incredible advantage. I’ve long known this on the Mac, where I’ve always tried to get as much screen space as possible. But, in a way, it’s more true on the phone because it’s so cramped to begin with. Modern iOS and apps are less information dense than before, and they no longer seem to be optimized for 4-inch displays like when that was the flagship size. I miss those days, but at this point I don’t think even a new small phone would bring them back.
via:daringfireball  apple  ios  iphone  iphonese  ux  cameras 
march 2019 by dirtystylus
Mâni on Twitter: "Websites that re-implement scrolling behavior with weird easing functions deserve to get bumped down in Search engines. ugh. The browser implements scrolling. WHY DO YOU FEEL THE NEED?"
Websites that re-implement scrolling behavior with weird easing functions deserve to get bumped down in Search engines. ugh. The browser implements scrolling. WHY DO YOU FEEL THE NEED?
easing  scrolling  scrolljack  ux  browser 
december 2018 by dirtystylus
Aesthetic Usability Effect | Laws of UX
Users often perceive aesthetically pleasing design as design that’s more usable.
ux  design  webdesign  appdesign 
august 2018 by dirtystylus
Dear Ueno: how do you create UX with delightful animations?
Animation/prototyping almost always helps sell design concepts to clients more successfully than a static comp. In my experience a 10 second animation can help convey a new idea more effectively than an entire 30 minute meeting.
prototyping  by:ueno  agency  motiondesign  animation  UX  collaboration 
may 2018 by dirtystylus
horizontal scrolling prompt
javascript  ux  scrolling  webdesign 
may 2018 by dirtystylus
The UX of AI - Library - Google Design
"The role of AI shouldn’t be to find the needle in the haystack for us, but to show us how much hay it can clear so we can better see the needle ourselves." via Dan Saffer
google  ux  machinelearning  AI  design 
february 2018 by dirtystylus
Highly polished guesswork can be seductive enough to pass itself off as well-considered design. But that’s a problem. And most likely a symptom.
ux  designbs  design 
november 2017 by dirtystylus
Kabir Shah
I'm a maker & student based in California.

I design in Figma and Sketch. I program in HTML/CSS/JavaScript for the web, Crystal for servers, Python for AI, and C for systems.
portfolio  webdev  teens  via:peter_chappy  ui  ux  css  webdesign  opensource 
september 2017 by dirtystylus
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