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Don’t buy the right-wing myth about Detroit -
Conservatives want you to think high taxes drove people away. The real truth is much worse for their radical agenda
Detroit  bankruptcy  debt  NAFTA  myths 
july 2013 by dissident
The theft of the American pension -
In the last decade, the country's biggest companies have raided worker benefits for profit. An expert explains how
pensions  debt  labor  workers_rights  employers  profits  benefits 
september 2012 by dissident
Druckversion - Greek Debt Crisis: How Goldman Sachs Helped Greece to Mask its True Debt - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International
Goldman Sachs helped the Greek government to mask the true extent of its deficit with the help of a derivatives deal that legally circumvented the EU Maastricht deficit rules. At some point the so-called cross currency swaps will mature, and swell the country's already bloated deficit.
Goldman_Sachs  debt  Greece  loans  banks 
november 2011 by dissident
Greece, home of democracy, deprived of a vote | Dean Baker | Comment is free |
Armed by Papandreou with a referendum, the Greek people had clout. Now, they're powerless before the troika's austerity plan
Dean_Baker  Greece  debt  democracy  banks  austerity 
november 2011 by dissident
David Graeber: On the Invention of Money – Notes on Sex, Adventure, Monomaniacal Sociopathy and the True Function of Economics « naked capitalism
Last week, Robert F. Murphy published a piece on the webpage of the Von Mises Institute responding to some points I made in a recent interview on Naked Capitalism, where I mentioned that the standard economic accounts of the emergence of money from barter appears to be wildly wrong. Since this contradicted a position taken by one of the gods of the Austrian pantheon, the 19th century economist Carl Menger, Murphy apparently felt honor-bound to respond.
David_Graebor  debt  economics  history  anthropology  barter 
september 2011 by dissident
Why the euro is not worth saving | Mark Weisbrot | Comment is free |
This crisis has exposed the fact that – unlike the EU itself – the eurozone's monetary union was always a rightwing project
Greece  euro  European_Union  Europe  debt 
august 2011 by dissident
More Blame Wars than Domestic Spending or Tax Cuts for Nation’s Debt | Pew Research Center for the People and the Press
Far more Americans say that the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has contributed a great deal to the nation’s debt than say that about increased domestic spending or the tax cuts enacted over the past decade.
wars  deficit  tax  military  spending  poll  survey  jobs  debt 
june 2011 by dissident
Is home ownership really so desirable?
High levels of debt and stress encourage acceptance of low wages and long hours. There's a lot to be said for renting
homes  renting  solidarity  apartments  debt  unions  collectivism 
may 2011 by dissident The Debt Trap: The International Monetary Fund and the Third World (9780853453765): Cheryl Payer: Books
Details the history of the first thirty years of the system of aid and credit in which the IMF is the keystone.
books  IMF  globalization  capitalism  history  third_world  debt 
may 2011 by dissident
Michael Hudson: Breakup of the Eurozone?
Is Iceland's Rejection of Financial Bullying a Model for Greece and Ireland?
Michael_Hudson  Iceland  Europe  Greece  economics  finance  banks  Great_Britain  debt 
may 2011 by dissident
The debt is not nearly as scary as you think: Government budgets are nothing like family budgets
There's a problem here. The analogy is ridiculous. Government budgets - and the U.S. budget in particular - are absolutely nothing like a household budget.
budget  deficit  debt  government  United_States  money 
april 2011 by dissident
The Death of “Social Europe” | Dissident Voice
What is needed is a reset button on the EU’s economic and fiscal philosophy. How Europe handles this crisis may determine whether its history follows the peaceful path of mutual gain and prosperity that economics textbooks envision, or the downward spiral of austerity that has made IMF planners so unpopular in debtor economies.
Latvia  Belarus  economics  debt  economy  Michael_Hudson  IMF  unemployment  austerity 
february 2011 by dissident
Greek Wealth Is Everywhere but Tax Forms -
ATHENS — In the wealthy, northern suburbs of this city, where summer temperatures often hit the high 90s, just 324 residents checked the box on their tax returns admitting that they owned pools
Greece  tax_evasion  taxes  economy  debt 
february 2011 by dissident
The Homeless at College - BusinessWeek
For-profit schools are tapping shelters and halfway houses for new students, loading them with debt and leaving taxpayers on the hook
education  college  University_of_Phoenix  for-profit_education  debt 
october 2010 by dissident

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