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TACHYONS - Css Toolkit
Build beautiful, responsive, readable interfaces.
webdesign  gooddesign  framework  font  css 
december 2018 by djmonta
Teutonic CSS
A modern CSS framework — versatile, well documented. Enjoy a fresh look. Customize at ease.
css  framework 
july 2018 by djmonta
A list of awesome Codeigniter core, helpers, hooks, language, libraries, third party and other cool resources for CodeIgniter
php  framework  web  development  bookmarks 
june 2018 by djmonta
Installs the offical CodeIgniter 3 (or 4) with secure folder structure via Composer
php  framework  web  development 
june 2018 by djmonta
GitHub - moonstruckdrops/dashboard
moonstruckdrops/dashboard - Check out for more information.
Smashing is a Sinatra based framework that lets you build beautiful dashboards.
cms  ruby  library  framework 
march 2018 by djmonta
Laravel Scaffold, CRUD, API Generator
InfyOm Generator comes with various templates. It supports bootstrap, AdminLTE, Metronic & FlatLab. so you can get started easily with a better theme. Also, you can publish templates and use it with your choice of CSS framework.
laravel  php  testing  API  framework 
march 2018 by djmonta
TACHYONS - Css Toolkit
Create fast loading, highly readable, and 100% responsive interfaces with as little css as possible. Modules can be altered, extended, or changed to meet your design needs. You shouldn’t need to write css everytime you want to build a new ui component.
CSS  framework  webdesign  UI 
february 2018 by djmonta
Lumber - The Admin Interface Framework
Universal admin interface designed to manage your application data and all your business operations.
framework  UI  Javascript  CSS  web  development  library 
january 2018 by djmonta

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