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Template for Jenkins Jobs for PHP Projects
Really excellent guide that teaches you a lot about how to set up a server that can act as a Jenkins master or slave for building and testing PHP projects.
Jenkins  php  template  testing  CI  via:racl101 
february 2019 by djmonta
steos/php-quickcheck: generative testing for PHP
Generative testing, also called property-based testing, is about describing the behaviour of your system in terms of properties that should hold true for all possible input.
php  testing  library  via:archangel 
february 2019 by djmonta
For people who make websites - Datenstrom
Excellent flat-file CMS that requires nothing but PHP.

Handles blogs, wikis and more, and yet still lightweight (< 1MB). And of course, if I like it, it means that it supports Markdown and RSS feeds. Very well documented too.

Can be used to render Markdown files, to create and/or edit them online, or as a static blog engine, via build/serve commands (in which case, it also has a nifty link checker).
php  web  via:phnk  blog  cms 
february 2019 by djmonta
adamculp/php-code-quality - Docker Hub
The objective is to include multiple PHP code quality tools (phpqatools and more) in an easy to use Docker image. The tools include php-qa-tools, PHP static analysis, lines of PHP code report, mess detector, code smell highlighting, copy/paste detection, and the applications compatibility against versions of PHP.
php  docker  via:mwolffhh 
january 2019 by djmonta
PHP Extension leading your ACHIEVEMENT. provides a general-purpose class library: array manipulation, datetime management, dynamically markup, data encode/decode API, etc.
php  library  web  development 
december 2018 by djmonta
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