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Just Enough Research - Erika Hall
My favorite researcher on how to do research.
design  ux  ucd  hcd 
13 days ago by djtrischler
Tech studio with a focus on ethics. h/t EYE
Tech  Ethics  Design  SaraGold 
14 days ago by djtrischler
Can't Unsee
Amazing what subtle differences can make.
design  usability  UCD 
24 days ago by djtrischler
Designing women: Profiles — Page 5
Type + Color + Image. Done so well. Thanks, Korina.
design  women  black  red  grid 
28 days ago by djtrischler
Another way to get the news. Shared by Akshat.
Design  News 
4 weeks ago by djtrischler
Bolt Threads
We are a 21st century company on a quest to apply a biological process as old as existence itself: the evolution and transformation of our world into something better.

Inspired by nature. Devoted to science.
UCD  environment  design  fashion  garments  materials 
8 weeks ago by djtrischler
Design Research Techniques
This online repository is a necessarily unfinished and evolving resource for Participatory Design Techniques. These techniques help evolve a project lifecycle through participation of multiple stakeholders including potential users or audiences, partners or internal teams.
design  research  ux  UCD 
10 weeks ago by djtrischler
Design Questions Library | public library
I can see this being helpful with my students. h/t swissmiss
design  questions  faq 
12 weeks ago by djtrischler
Cartoonist Lynda Barry Teaches You How to Draw
You can draw because you think you can't draw.
Drawing  Make  Design 
june 2019 by djtrischler
Project Alias
Prevent your voice devices from listening to you in an aesthetically pleasing way. H/T tomorrow newsletter.
design  privacy  voice 
february 2019 by djtrischler
It's Nice That | Introducing It's Nice That's Ones to Watch 2019
lovely illustrations - look forward to reading about these folks.
illustration  talent  design 
february 2019 by djtrischler
Rebrand 2018 | Case studies | Design at Uber
Comprehensive documentation of the new Uber identity all on one page.
branding  design  identity 
february 2019 by djtrischler
Hyperakt | Work
Beautiful and meaningful, design work.
design  studio  hyperakt  brand-strategy  brand  identity 
february 2019 by djtrischler
Kamala Harris's Logo Is a Disaster. Here's Why. - The Bulwark
“Ten properties of a subject, according to Leonardo: light and dark, color and substance, form and position, distance and nearness, movement and stillness.”
design  political  branding  leonardo 
february 2019 by djtrischler
Why Fashion Brands All Use the Same-Style Font in Their Logos - Bloomberg
After all, a tuxedo may communicate an image of refined taste, but not if you’re the only person at a party wearing one.
typograpy  design  logo 
february 2019 by djtrischler
New Studio
Grit. Type. Posters. Love.
january 2019 by djtrischler
Slack’s new logo by Pentagram ditches the hashtag and plaid
“What it will symbolize, ultimately, is Slack,” says Bierut of the logo. “Because it’s the doorknob on the door that lets [people] into that world.”
design  logo  brand  identity  doorknob 
january 2019 by djtrischler
DDC Hardware Typeface | FontSeed
Who knew draplin had his very own typeface?
design  Typography  draplin 
january 2019 by djtrischler
Hackney Forest School - Spy Studio
Beautiful illustrations and colors. Design by Spy.
design  brand  identity 
january 2019 by djtrischler
Book Cover Archive
Awesome collection of wonderfully designed books.
books  design  book 
october 2018 by djtrischler
PRINT.PM | Daily inspiration for Print lovers.
Daily design inspiration brought to you by lovely photos.
september 2018 by djtrischler
Lubalin 100
100 days of Herb. What more could you ask for?
herb  Lublin  100  design 
march 2018 by djtrischler
Design Thinking, Examined — Pentagram
Can design thinking help us understand design thinking?
design  thinking 
march 2018 by djtrischler
Maser Art » About
Mattise + Lichtenstein = Love
design  art  cutpaper 
february 2018 by djtrischler
True Colors
Data-driven state maps.
design  state  maps 
february 2018 by djtrischler
Richard Saul Wurman Interview With Debbie Millman
Especially enjoyed the segments about learning and asking questions.
Design  Millman  Wurman 
february 2018 by djtrischler
A Helpful Diagram
Venn and the art of being a design student.
design  fun  Venn  ucd 
february 2018 by djtrischler
Design Discourse Is In A State Of Arrested Development
It's about clicks and conversions. Are we, designers, adding value?
february 2018 by djtrischler
Everything Easy is Hard Again – Frank Chimero
I'll need to re-read this. Main points - slow is good. So is simple. Oh, and, use the right tools for the job.
design  web  frank 
february 2018 by djtrischler
Shantell Martin
I love everything about this site.
animation  design  streetart 
february 2018 by djtrischler
Park Bench Deli
Everything about this resonates with me right now. Collage, vernacular, street art style, messy/clean...
Design  Identity 
february 2018 by djtrischler
Shostakovich: Symphony No. 7 "Leningrad"
We have an Airbnb guest staying with us who is subbing with the Cincinnati Orchestra this weekend. They're playing Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7 "Leningrad." Inspired by our guest, I'm listening to the orchestra. I love the album cover.
design  Shostakovich  symphony 
january 2018 by djtrischler
Brand New: New Logo and Identity for Slate by Gretel in Collaboration with In-house
Backed by a solid concept (layers). I think the execution is okay but will get better with time.
design  brand 
january 2018 by djtrischler
Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol
Just read about their collaboration in The Lonely City (book). The work is amazing.
design  art  Warhol  JMB 
january 2018 by djtrischler
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