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Cruise Reviews, Cruise Deals and Cruises - Cruise Critic
Cruise Critic is the leading cruise reviews site, which hosts the largest cruise community in the world. More than six million people, from first-time cruisers to avid cruise fans, visit Cruise Critic each month to research and plan their cruises, connect with other cruisers and share their passion for cruising. With the aim of helping people to find the right cruise, Cruise Critic features more than 350,000 cruise reviews as well as advice and information from our team of cruise experts on everything from choosing a ship to planning your time in port. The site also offer itinerary and pricing information, deals and money-saving tips. The popular Cruise Critic forums are a place for people to post questions and share insights with other cruisers, and chat with others who share their love of cruising.
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12 weeks ago by doglord
Cruising America's Great Loop
Just Imagine. . . Spending 9 months to a year or longer, living and cruising on your own boat for a distance of more than 5,600 miles through 20 U.S. States (or more), with the option of cruising 2 Provinces of Canada on the safest most scenic, exciting and continuous waterway in the world. This is an epic boating adventure! 1,500 miles longer than the Nile, 3,000 miles longer than the Mississippi; and more incredible than you can possibly imagine. It is America's Great Loop, where you can start and end your voyage exactly in the same place without ever having to make a U-turn!
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september 2017 by doglord

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