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Kammok | Mountain Blanket - Ultra-durable Plush Fleece Blanket
"No longer does your coziest blanket have to stay indoors–with a hydrophobic shell, ultra-plush fleece interior, and durable snaps for days, the Mountain Blanket is both incredibly soft and able to withstand the rugged outdoors."
hike  backpack  blanket  sleep  diigo 
november 2018 by doglord
Best Camping Chairs (That Rock)
"Rocker alternatives provide relaxation at the campsite, stow-and-go festival seating, and anchored swinging in the backyard. And in our testing, we found a host of designs that offer different experiences. So it’s likely one will suit you most. While outdoor rocking chairs still don’t quite fit the niche of “fast and light,” they offer a noticeable comfort upgrade to the standard camp chair. And with more alternatives on the market, there’s probably one that suits your needs."
hike  bike  camping  chair  rocker  diigo 
october 2018 by doglord
Insect Repellent Clothing Treatment - Permethrin Treatment for Clothes | Insect Shield
"Insect Shield Your Own Clothing Now you can get your own favorite clothing treated. Just like other Insect Shield apparel, the repellency added to your clothes is invisible, odorless, EPA-registered and lasts through 70 washings. And… we’ve made it even easier for you... "
backpack  hike  hiking  ticks  insect  permethrin  insect_shield  diigo 
october 2018 by doglord
DriDucks UltraLite II Rain Gear - Frogg Toggs
"Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite II suits are constructed from an ultra-lightweight, waterproof, breathable, nonwoven polypropylene material. The patented bilaminate technology with “welded” waterproof seams and unmatched sweat-free breathability is a great value in affordable rain wear. The compression packability of this suit allows it to pack down to storage pocket size, and it is perfect for backpacks, stadium seats or golf bags. "
rain  waterproof  gear  hike  backpack  diigo 
october 2018 by doglord
Heli Hiking from Banff/Canmore in the Canadian Rockies
"Join one of our guides for one of the best days of hiking you can ever imagine! With little effort you’ll be transported by helicopter up through a mountain valley and then dropped off onto a high alpine meadow where you’ll have fantastic high alpine hiking, unsurpassed mountain views in all directions… and you’ll be the only people around for miles! From the starting point, you’ll have 2 1/2 to 3 hours to hike over open meadows and ridges with your guide. The hiking difficulty ranges from easy to moderate depending the makeup of the group with lots of changes in terrain. You'll have options to walk grassy ridgelines, cross streams, observe herds of bighorn sheep a short ways away and summit one of the easy to reach mountain tops or walk up to an ancient native medicine wheel."
#travel  #do  hike  heli-hike  canada  diigo 
october 2018 by doglord
Border Route Trail
"The Border Route Trail is a 65-mile long hiking trail that crosses the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) in the far northeast corner of Minnesota (Arrowhead) and follows the international border between Minnesota and Ontario, Canada. It was the first long-distance, wilderness backpacking and hiking trail in Minnesota planned and constructed by volunteers" The Border Route Trail is a rugged wilderness hiking trail that follows ridge-lines and the top of high cliffs wherever feasible. Therefore, hiking the trail offers expansive views across the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota and Quetico Provincal Park in Canada. Even though the trail is maintained by crews of volunteers, downed trees and patches of thick brush are common obstacles on the trail. Because of its rugged and primitive nature, it provides solitude and a true wilderness experience but also requires good map and compass skills. Hiking the trail is definitely much different from hiking your local city park.
hike  backpack  trail  mn  minnesota  #do 
may 2018 by doglord
The Best Thru-Hikes You've Never Heard Of | Outside Online
"While overcrowding plagues America's most popular trails, there are still places to find solitude The Appalachian and Pacific Crest trails get all the attention—and the foot traffic—but there are plenty of long walks that aren’t crowded. These five offer the best glimpses into unspoiled wilderness, spanning each region of the country. From hot springs and vistas in the Rockies to less-frequented trails in southern Appalachia, there’s something for every thru-hiker’s skill level."
#do  camp  hike  backpack  thru_hike  outside 
may 2018 by doglord
Purple Rain Adventure Skirts Smart practical skirts for badasses
Smart practical skirts for badasses. Designed and sewn in Southern Oregon.
hike  camp  skirt  kilt  clothing 
march 2018 by doglord
This website lets you weigh and record all of your gear and then share with others.
backpack  hike  camp  bike  lightweight  github 
march 2018 by doglord
goTenna | Text & GPS on your phone, even without service
goTenna Mesh pairs with your phone and hops text and GPS communications from device to device, so you can create your own network anywhere, no service required.
mesh  cellphone  sma  gps  text  backpack  camp  hike 
september 2017 by doglord

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