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BYTEPATH #0 - Introduction · Issue #30 · SSYGEN/blog
Awesome tutorial with code about making a real game in Love.
love2d  tutorial 
3 days ago
Desmos | Graphing Calculator
Awesome free online graphing calculator. Forgive the noun soup, but this thing is really great.
free  math  graphing  graphingcalculator  calculator 
6 days ago
Original Prusa i3 MK3 kit
Make magazine really likes this 3d printer and the video tutorials I've seen seem friendly and informative.
3dprinter  tobuy 
11 days ago
Short Trip - Alexander Perrin
A beautiful, hand-drawn interactive experience.
5 weeks ago
Hans - IP over ICMP
Get around firewalls and annoying portals and stupid throttles via a tunnel over ICMP. Pretty ingenious, I hadn't heard of this!
networking  ip  tunnel  security 
12 weeks ago
Binder (beta)
Let other people interact with your Jupyter notebooks.
code  jupyter 
november 2017
Beast Academy
Math learning for kids with a novel approach. I've seen the way this guy asks people to think about math and it's pretty challenging.
math  education  learning  arithmetic  kids 
november 2017
GM Forge
At-the-table toolset for showing maps, I think?
roleplaying  tools 
october 2017
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We Warned You About Milo And You’re Still Not Listening
october 2017
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Botkit is updated to 0.6.4!
october 2017
The Film Experience | Literature | MIT OpenCourseWare
This course concentrates on close analysis and criticism of a wide range of films, from the early silent period, classic Hollywood genres including musicals, thrillers and westerns, and European and Japanese art cinema. It explores the work of Griffith, Chaplin, Keaton, Capra, Hawks, Hitchcock, Altman, Renoir, DeSica, and Kurosawa. Through comparative reading of films from different eras and countries, students develop the skills to turn their in-depth analyses into interpretations and explore theoretical issues related to spectatorship.
opencourse  film  criticism 
october 2017
Bots: An introduction for developers
Some things to consider when making a bot for Telegram.
telegram  bots 
october 2017
Writer: the internet typewriter
A writing app that lives inside the browser. Color me skeptical... but it seems nice enough after tapping seven words into it.
tools  writing 
september 2017 - Tutorials - IMGUI
Tutorial about immediate-mode GUI. Seems well-written, haven't gone through whole thing yet.
design  gamedev  imgui  gui 
august 2017
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The indie games are too damn cheap
august 2017
The e-mail Larry Page should have written to James Damore
The title says it all. Should be required reading before commenting on Damore's essay.
sexism  google 
august 2017
Favicon Generator for all platforms: iOS, Android, PC/Mac...
Great resource for generating favicons and all that other stuff for websites.
favicon  generator  tools 
august 2017
The Fascinating Sonic Illusion That Makes Christopher Nolan's Movies So Tense - Digg
Coolest thing I've heard all week. And it's only Wednesday.

Fascinating listen at creating a kind of infinite rising tension in music, backed by solid cognitive science. My favorite intersection, it turns out.
audio  filmmaking  shepardtone  music  tension 
august 2017
L-system - Wikipedia
Interesting kind of algorithm used for making things that look like trees and plants, among other things.
algorithm  generative  proceduralcontentgeneration 
august 2017
Excellent resource for learning how raycasting works.
gamedev  raycasting  tutorial 
july 2017
Numba — Numba
Make a python function become JIT-ted via a decorator. Blackmagic fuckery, that is.
numba  python  decorators 
july 2017
First Steps with Sphinx — Sphinx 1.6.3+ documentation
Cool documentation system that uses Python. I like how the pages come out when using this.
documentation  restructuredtext  writing 
july 2017
Sourcebook for an interesting fantasy world.
roleplaying  karthun  evilhat 
july 2017
Pico-8 Fanzine #1 by sectordub
A series of zines about the Pico-8. Gotta pay for these and print them out!
pico8  zine 
july 2017
rcoaxil / ctrl — Bitbucket
An input controller for löve2d.
love2d  repository 
july 2017
Display-O-Tron HAT - Pimoroni
A cool-looking tiny display hat for the Raspberry Pi.
raspberrypi  displays 
july 2017
Campaign Notes Kit : Game Master Minis (A4) — r-n-w
Excellent resources for role-playing organization.
july 2017
A VCS simulator (I think) that you program with real assembly code.
virtualmachine  programming  atari  vcs 
july 2017
Thunderworks Games — Roll Player Game
Board game about rolling up an RPG character.
rollplayer  boardgames 
july 2017
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