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Beast Academy
Math learning for kids with a novel approach. I've seen the way this guy asks people to think about math and it's pretty challenging.
math  education  learning  arithmetic  kids 
november 2017 by drhayes
Lots of apparently great math tutorials as videos. I'ma math up later.
education  math  learning  tutorials 
november 2016 by drhayes
Learnable Programming
Bret Victor's amazing essay on making programming easier to learn.
learning  programming 
september 2015 by drhayes
Kill Math
The power to understand and predict the quantities of the world should not be restricted to those with a freakish knack for manipulating abstract symbols.
learning  math  education 
july 2011 by drhayes
hackety org » Goodbye, Cruel Hello World
How can we teach programming better? This guy totally knows how.
programming  helloworld  learning  education 
april 2009 by drhayes
Video Games: A Unique Educational Environment | Taking Children Seriously
Fantastic interview with David Deutsch about children and the developmental power of video games.
psychology  gaming  learning  education  children  daviddeutsch  interview 
january 2009 by drhayes

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