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The Open Access Citation Advantage « SPARC Europe
SPARC has taken over & updated the the Open Access Citation Advantage resource list:
rdm  research 
january 2015 by driek
DigiPres Tool Grid
The POWRR Digital Preservation Tool Grid is, well, really powerful
rdm  digitization  Research  tools 
november 2014 by driek
Journal of Open Psychology Data
Journal of Open Psychology Data via @delicious
opendata  library  research  from  twitter  psychology  journal 
november 2013 by driek
Het warme bad en de koude douche - Bureau Beke
Report of the investigation ordered by the Dutch parliament after the tv broadcast on the Miracle of Love cult in 2011. Dutch report with english summary.
cults  report  research  netherlands 
october 2013 by driek
Drug development: Raise standards for preclinical cancer research [Nature 483, 531–533 (29 March 2012)]
Drug development: Raise standards for preclinical cancer research

C. Glenn Begley & Lee M. Ellis
AffiliationsCorresponding author
Nature 483, 531–533 (29 March 2012) doi:10.1038/483531a
Published online 28 March 2012
Clarification (May, 2012)
nature  researchdata  ethics  science  research 
september 2012 by driek
The fundamental relations of traffic flow, Prof. Tom V. Mathew
Lecture notes in Transportation Systems Engineering
August 3, 2010
IIT Bombay
science  modelling  mathematics  research  traffic 
august 2012 by driek
Researcher Survey » OAPEN-UK
OAPENUK Research survey, results from july 2012.

"This presentation reports on the findings of our survey of humanities and social science (HSS) researchers. We carried out the survey between February and May 2012, and achieved 690 usable responses. The survey covers issues including attitudes to open access publishing and Creative Commons licensing, researchers’ preferences and priorities as both authors and readers, and their views of the overall aims of the scholarly communications system."
openaccess  UK  humanities  research  library 
july 2012 by driek
Libraries Rebound: Embracing Mission, Maximizing Impact [OCLC - Events]
Includes presentation by Kurt de Belder, Leiden University: "Supporting Researchers at Leiden University"
library  oclc  presentation  research  support 
june 2012 by driek
University of Lincoln: Orbital researchdata project
"Orbital is a project which aims to create a brand new way to store and manage your research data"

Agile inspired.
library  researchdata  research  opendata 
june 2012 by driek
Linked Data Patterns, by Leigh Dodds & Ian Davis
A pattern catalogue for modelling, publishing, and consuming Linked Data
catalogue  library  patterns  research  data  linkeddata 
june 2012 by driek
Implementing DOIs for Research Data, Natasha Simons (D-Lib Vol 18, nr 5/6)
"Research is increasingly collaborative and global in nature, and efforts to manage the vast amounts of research data generated daily require global solutions. The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) system provides a means of persistent identification of research data collections and datasets that is global, standardised and widely used. The Australian National Data Service (ANDS) partnered with DataCite to offer a DOI minting service. At Griffith University, implementing DOIs raised governance questions common to other institutions that encouraged discussion and collaboration."

citations  DLIB  DOI  identifiers  researchdata  research  library 
may 2012 by driek
Beyond The Low Hanging Fruit: Archving Complex Data and Data Services at University of New Mexico, Robert Olendorf & Steve Koch, in Journal of Digital Information, vol 13 no 1 (2012)
Robert Olendorf
University Libraries, University of New Mexico
Steve Koch
Department of Physics and Astrononmy, University of New Mexico
library  repository  archive  curation  researchdata  article  research  science 
may 2012 by driek
total-impact: uncover the invisible impact of reseach
Tracks object by ID (DOI, Pubmed ID and some others), and can import data from Mendeley profiles and groups, Slideshare accounts, Dryad authors,PubMed grants and GitHub.
library  publication  openscience  metrics  science2.0  research  impact 
april 2012 by driek
Demystifying the data interview [Reference Services Review]
Carlson, J. (2012). Demystifying the data interview: developing a foundation for reference librarians to talk with researchers about their data. Reference Services Review, 40(1), 7-23.

As libraries become more involved in curating research data, reference librarians will need to be trained in conducting data interviews with researchers to better understand their data and associated needs. This article seeks to identify and provide definitions for the basic terms and concepts of data curation for librarians to properly frame and carry out a data interview using the Data Curation Profiles (DCP) Toolkit. The DCP Toolkit is a semi-structured interview designed to assist librarians in identifying the data curation needs of researchers. The components of the DCP Toolkit were analyzed to determine the base level of knowledge needed for librarians to conduct effective data interviews. Specific concepts, definitions, and examples were sought through a review of articles, case studies, practiti
research  researchdata  library 
february 2012 by driek
The trouble with retractions - Nature News, 5 oct
Yet another reason why peer review without data is simply broken. Nature news, oct 5, "The trouble with retractions":
scientific_publishing  science  publishing  research  library 
october 2011 by driek
Data sharing site, with persistent ID's. Interesting angle: positions itself as a tool to publish negative data that otherwise would not be published, in the name of better science. This bypasses the hesitation scientists have over publishing their 'good' data. Enforces CC licenses.

Still in beta. No info on the business model.
science  data  research  publishing  library  CreativeCommons 
august 2011 by driek
De file, dat ben je zelf
Bundel artikelen van TUDelft over de congestieproblematiek van diverse modi van vervoer.
ebook  nederlands  transport  transportation  research 
june 2011 by driek
Global History hubs: Clio Infrastructure
information about the datasets, the participating organizations and the collaboratories involved in the study of global inequality, the increasing divergence between rich and poor countries.
data  datasets  statistics  history  research  collaboratories  repository  eu  library 
april 2011 by driek
Ojax++ VRE
"Ojax++ is a Virtual Research Environment (VRE). It aims to help researchers work collaboratively by providing a project management and collaboration interface for research activity conducted using third party tools like Delicious, Gmail and MyExperiment."
research  collab  collaboration  collaboratories  opensource  software 
march 2011 by driek
Science - Special Online Collection: Dealing with Data
Special 11 February 2011 issue, Science - "a broad look at the issues surrounding the increasingly huge influx of research data. This collection of articles highlights both the challenges posed by the data deluge and the opportunities that can be realized if we can better organize and access the data. Science is making access to this entire collection FREE (simple registration is required for non-subscribers)."
data  science  research  metadata  visualization 
march 2011 by driek
Human genomes as email attachments. [Bioinformatics. 2009] - PubMed result
"The inherent structure of genome data allows for more efficient lossless compression than can be obtained through the use of generic compression programs. We apply a series of techniques to James Watson's genome that in combination reduce it to a mere 4MB, small enough to be sent as an email attachment." Original size of the genome 3.1Gb (3169831Kb), max lossless compression 4Mb (4101Kb)!
data  research  software  compression  science  biology 
march 2011 by driek
Creating a Data Management Framework (Australian National Data Service)
As often, the best things come from down under. At first glance, looks like a useful and thorough set of guidelines for raising our support for research data management from project level to permanent service.
library  collaboration  research  data  management 
january 2011 by driek
Search engines and the production of academic knowledge [International Journal of Cultural Studies]
Abstract: "This article argues that search engines in general, and Google Scholar in particular, have become significant co-producers of academic knowledge. Knowledge is not simply conveyed to users, but is co-produced by search engines’ ranking systems and profiling systems, none of which are open to the rules of transparency, relevance and privacy in a manner known from library scholarship in the public domain. Inexperienced users tend to trust proprietary engines as neutral mediators of knowledge and are commonly ignorant of how meta-data enable engine operators to interpret collective profiles of groups of searchers. (...) "
research  library  article  searchengine  google 
november 2010 by driek
Dutch twaddle-prof lambasts Google Scholar [The Register]
El Reg covering Professor Doctor José van Dijck's article on Google Scholar's lack of transparency's impact on scholarship.
research  academic  searchengine  news 
november 2010 by driek
We Must Stop the Avalanche of Low-Quality Research - Commentary - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Much ado about impact factors, and the discussion seems to get heated and off the rails quickly. Still, interesting observations and an illustration of the turmoil that academic publishing is in.
Research  publishing  education  library 
june 2010 by driek
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