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Anne Waldman | Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado
Heard poem calle d archive on Thursday morning in Colorado
june 2014
Somebody wrote: Actually "73" was a term the old telegraph operators would use back in the old west days. It meant that they owned a Winchester 1873 rifle (their most prized possession) and that when they died they would give it to the other operator. Hense '73' meant I will will you my 73 rifle. '73s' meant you had more than one rifles that you would give to them (they were a really good friend.).
amateur  radio  ham  slang  telegraphy  history  archive  folklore 
may 2014
Comcast Promises Low Income Broadband
Comcast's "Internet Essentials" program is supposed to provide low income families with Internet access. But its not.
Broadband  infrastructure  internet  lastmile  industry  regulation  fcc 
may 2014
Google Has Most of My Email Because It Has All of Yours | copyrighteous
Mako paga cientos de dólares por gestionar su email pero, pese a eso, Google tiene más de la mitad de sus correos
gmail  email  google  privacy  datamining  bigdata  python  r  statistics 
may 2014
Peter Tattam created Trumpet Winsock and got very little: Let's set things right | Hacker News
In the comment below, nailer mentioned that the creator of Trumpet Winsock saw very little money from one of the most widely-used pieces of shareware then in existence. Magazines and ISPs distributed the full version of his software but very few paid for it[2].
winsock  windows  tcpip  internet  history  bbs  retrocomputing  personal  computing  microsoft  trumpet 
may 2014
Interview: Ms Dynamite reveals her pride in Jamaica's first freedom fighter | Law | The Observer
Ms Dynamite, who has made a TV film for the anti-slavery law bicentenary, reveals her pride in Jamaica's first freedom fighter to David Smith
feminism  women  folklore  slavery  activism  race  racism  caribbean  jamaica 
may 2014
Observations of an Internet Middleman | Beyond Bandwidth
Excellent blog post by internet backbone provider @Level3 about the facts behind net neutrality.
Internet  network  infrastructure  neutrality  netneutrality  peering 
may 2014
The Great Works of Software — Medium
Essential @ftrain on defining a software canon, five great works that transcend the upgrade cycle:
Software  history  personal  computing 
april 2014
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