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Why We Fight
Absent a super-weapon like Joe Lieberman’s proposed “kill switch,” they’ve so far contented themselves with seizing domain names on “intellectual property” grounds, arresting hackers who expose government’s inner workings, and attempting to co-opt cyberspace into their “national security” theatrics. But doubt this not: We’ll be seeing the equivalent of Hitler’s V2 rocket or Oppenheimer’s “Little Boy” and “Fat Man” just as soon as they can be developed and deployed.
anarchism  freeculture  information  libertarian 
august 2011 by driscoll
brotäktschen - a set on Flickr
punkz squat a STADIUM in zurich, throw huge pahty. cops can't stop it
squat  squatting  zurich  rave  dance  party  anarchism 
august 2008 by driscoll

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