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The FADER - FADER 58: Kanye West Cover Story and Interview - Features
I’m using Auto-Tune because I don’t give a fuck. I like the way it sounds. This is the way I’ma put my shit up, this what I like the most. You can’t deny me, you cannot deny Wayne, you cannot deny Pain. T-Pain taught me a lot. He just brought a whole vibe and energy when he came down to Hawaii, he was constantly expressing himself.
kanyewest  autotune  vocoder  production  hiphop  pop  vocal 
november 2008 by driscoll
YouTube - Behind The Beats: Ron Browz Speaks On Arab Money & Ether
if it takes longer than 10-20 minutes, the beat is not going to be hot. .........................................................ok
production  hiphop  industry  autotune  interview 
november 2008 by driscoll
kanYe West : Blog
Sidebar... if you don't like autotune... too bad cause I love it and have been using it since the College Dropout!!!
autotune  vocals  performance  production  pop  hiphop 
september 2008 by driscoll
Video: Cassie (Feat. Lil Wayne) - Official Girl
ugly comments section but interesting video. wayne greenscreened into the whole thing? really weird. dialing in a verse (missy with isdn in her home!) is one thing, dialing in the video appearance seems less common. also... nokia n82 anyone?
autotune  lilwayne  rnb  musicvideo  hiphop 
august 2008 by driscoll
YouTube - The Effect T-Pain Use's On His Voice AUTO-TUNE
autotune  production  gear  pitchcorrection  vocal  hiphop  rnb  demo  homevideo 
august 2008 by driscoll

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