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Bot I Never Thought It Would Happen To Me | Meryl Alper
@alexleavitt @slavin_fpo @gilgul @desconcentrado this has been super weird. my thoughts:
bot  twitter  socialmedia  humor  impersonator  impersonation 
january 2014 by driscoll
The Rise of Twitter Bots : The New Yorker
The Rise of Twitter Bots (The New Yorker) #newaesthetic
twitter  socialmedia  bot  newaesthetic 
november 2013 by driscoll
What Would I Say?
"Yup, this wasn't relevant although rather magical" - auto-gen status updates from past status updates
text  analysis  bot  socialmedia  privacy  mining  datamining  data  bigdata  art  netart 
november 2013 by driscoll
Please explain to me why a bot would click on ads? (if anyone knows)Is it crawle... | Hacker News
Interesting data on how FB has neglected bot prevention. RT : peak into the weird world of Bots and Ads: ”
facebook  advertising  fraud  industry  botnet  bot  socialmedia 
july 2012 by driscoll

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