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Comcast Promises Low Income Broadband
Comcast's "Internet Essentials" program is supposed to provide low income families with Internet access. But its not.
Broadband  infrastructure  internet  lastmile  industry  regulation  fcc 
may 2014 by driscoll
Time Warner Cable Expands ‘Usage Cap-for-$5 Discount’ Nationwide by End of December | Stop the Cap!
Time Warner Cable's accounting inadvertently exposes the company has a 95% gross profit margin on broadband.
broadband  bandwidth  industry  cable  tv  video  neutrality  network  net  cap 
december 2012 by driscoll
National Telecommunications and Information Administration
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Jim McConnaughey (
intenet  statistics  broadband  survey  research  internet  industry 
april 2011 by driscoll

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