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Bromance Segment
mind numb until around 10:00 they start talking about emasculating children
masculinity  men  homophobia  radio  broadcast 
february 2009 by driscoll
Boston, you're my home: Do you still listen to radio?
I have never met anyone who has even admitted to being part of the Arbitron diary system. I have never trusted ratings to be accurate and that goes back to when I was a child. In the early 60's my mother had a part time job where she would call people or phone numbers selected by the company that she worked for. One Saturday afternoon as my my dad and I were watching a Red Sox game on the old channel 5 she was making her calls. Not a single person she called was watching the Red Sox and most were watching wrestling on channel 4. My mom felt sorry for the Red Sox and she switched the data.
ratings  boston  radio  statistics  demographics  broadcast 
november 2008 by driscoll
101.3 Big City Pirate powers in
more radio geek discussion of Big City. sadly, some xenophobic commentary ensues.
lpfm  fm  radio  boston  diaspora  caribbean  reggae  hiphop  pirate  diy  community  broadcast 
october 2008 by driscoll
YouTube - Racist Ohioan Mike Lunsford Hangs Obama Effigy from Noose in Tree
listen to the neighbors. they are so scared of this nut. confounds the notion that these people represent any sort of mainstream view.
racism  election  campaign  c4bull  obama  broadcast  tv  kkk 
october 2008 by driscoll
Saturday Night Live - Update: Palin Rap - Video -
palin is probably the least awkward campaigning politician ever on snl
politics  snl  humor  broadcast  tv  satire  rap  hiphop  parody  palin  campaign  election 
october 2008 by driscoll
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